Establish an Online Presence with Online Marketing

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Before you get started with online marketing, you have to clearly define your goals and expectations. Why are you going to start engaging in online marketing? Why are you investing in online marketing instead of traditional marketing?

A vital principle to understand is establishing an online presence. An online presence means businesses are visible, searchable, and traceable on the Internet. When consumers use search engines, your website link will pop up. When they go on social media, your posts and statuses will be there.

A recent Entrepreneur article explains why it’s so important for businesses to establish an online presence. According to the article, it’s the foundation that businesses must lay so they can carry out other online marketing efforts:

“In today’s connected world, establishing a proper online presence is absolutely critical. Consumers use the web to make their final decision. According to a Nielsen study, four out of five Yelp users visit the review site before making a purchase. Whether looking for a new business or researching a known one, potential customers will use search engines and social platforms to find the information they need.”

Your online presence isn’t as abstract as it once was. With data and analytics, you can now calculate your online presence and the effect of your marketing efforts.

You can also trace it back to where it starts. Your online presence should start with your website, which will serve as the core of your marketing campaign. Once you’re completely satisfied with your website, you can move on to social media, email, and pay-per-click advertising.

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