Five Most Dog-Friendly Cities

What are the most dog friendly cities?

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It should come as no surprise to dog owners that not everyone likes dogs. Yes, it is true you may very well love your canine friend and all its adorable habits but there are many people and places that do not share the same love. In fact sometimes it may feel that there is no place that is friendly to dogs in general. However this is not true, in fact there are even places that are very dog-friendly indeed.

1. New York City

One location that has a dog-friendly attitude is New York City. The Big Apple has dog parks of course. There are also dog walking tours. You and your pet can walk around to see the sites and have a pleasant day on one of these tours. And of course since it is a dog walking tour you will be able to be around others who enjoy the company of pets as well. There are also many hotels in the city that allow dogs inside.

2. Colorado Springs

If your pet is big and loves to run around, bounce, chase and be an all-around active dog Colorado Springs may be the perfect place. In this city you can find several leashless parks as well hotels that have an open door policy.

3. Long Beach, California

California is known for many things, and one of these things is a fondness for dogs. California is a large state and has several pet-friendly cities. One of these is Long Beach, home to the most beautiful bulldog competition. There are also dog parades as well as leashless parks. This city is so dog-friendly that there are even restaurants that will allow your dog to be its customer.

4. San Francisco

San Francisco has a place for dogs to run and jump and even chase their own tail, if that’s what they are in to. We’re talking about a park with over 15 acres for pets to enjoy. In addition there are also leash-free beaches for you and your pet to enjoy. And also some of the city’s popular tourist attractions are also pet-friendly.

5. Las Vegas

The last on this list of five dog-friendly cities is Las Vegas, which boasts over 20 parks where your pet can be leash-free. In addition to having so many parks they also have a radio program that has a dog theme, that covers a real deep affection for dogs. And of course, since it’s Las Vegas, there are even casinos that are allowing dogs to be guests. Try to keep your dog from developing a gambling problem.

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