Gandalf Sword Self-Defense Weapon Review

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Gandalf is one of the most revered characters in the Lord of the Rings franchise. He was praised by various publications as among the most popular wizards in fiction. Throughout the important parts of his adventures, especially during battles, the Gandalf sword known as Glamdring also came with him.

To celebrate the exploits of this legendary wizard, a Gandalf sword replica is now being sold in Amazon. The weapon was crafted based on Gandalf sword as it appeared in the movie. This makes it a nice gift for LOTR fans, but could this sword actually be used for anything practical like self-defense? Maybe collectors have these thoughts at some point. Let’s discuss.

Glamdring Gandalf Sword Advantages as Self-Defense Weapon

The features of Gandalf’s sword is a bit similar to Aragorn’s sword known as the Anduril that we featured earlier. The sword is very long which provides the user an excellent reach. Its blade measures 36 inches and its overall length extends up to 47.63 inches.

Although it only features a stainless steel false edge, its tip is very sharp. This can easily puncture the skin of a person when used in self-defense. Then, its weight which is around 12 to 13 pounds is enough to deliver a crushing blow to any opponent who will be struck with it squarely, although it is not designed to actually cut or slice.

Glamdring Gandalf Sword Disadvantages as Self-Defense Weapon

As mentioned, Gandalf sword is shipped with a false edge. This is to avoid to the restrictions issued by some States regarding selling double edged self-defense swords. However, those who really want a double edge self-defense sword could potentially change this by sharpening the blade.

In addition, the pointed tip of the sword has the tendency to chip off or dent when hitting very hard objects like stone, concrete, hard wood or metal. Thus, users should be very careful in wielding it.

Lastly, the sword is very heavy due to its more than 12-pound weight. People with smaller frame will definitely find this sword very cumbersome to swing and even stronger users would have to use two hands and would most likely tire quickly.

Since it was made for display and not for actual use, I would also seriously question the reliability of it if used for anything serious. I imagine that the blade and handle both run the risk of breaking.


The Gandalf sword replica is a heavy sword that could deliver a heavy hit towards unwanted intruders, but should not be relied upon as a self-defense weapon. It is a gorgeous looking replica however, and a great addition to sword collectors and fans of “Lord of the Rings.”

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