Google+ Now Lets You Email Anyone

Google+ Now Lets Your Email Anyone

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Google made the announcement over the weekend that they will now allow any user on Google+ email any other user they’re connected with.  However, you can add anyone you want on Google+ without their approval, therefore this new feature allows you to email anyone you want.

There are a few limitations to the system.  For instance, you can’t email someone more than once if they do not respond to your first email.  Users are also able to change their security settings to keep users from being able to email them.  But it still allows for a bit of stalking and a pretty awesome sales tool when you think about it.

Let’s say that I am an intrepid salesman that is trying to get my foot in the door with a big client.  I’ve blown up the inboxes of their executives on Linkedin, but my email was lost in the noise of the hundreds of other contacts they get on Linkedin.  Google+, however is much less crowded and rowdy than Linkedin when it comes to professional sales.  So, instead of reaching out to the execs via Linkedin, I now add them to my Google+ circles and email them on a network where they probably haven’t received a notification in months.

It’s brilliant, I tell you!  I think that this was a move made by Google to directly compete against Linkedin.  Google knows that most people are on Google+ for SEO purposes or for business profiles.  Therefore, most of the people on there are involved in business.  By allowing them to contact anyone in their network, they’ve now made Google+ the go to network for prospecting new leads.

It will be interesting to see what the backlash on this new feature will be.  Already people are calling it a stalking tool.  But I believe that the strategies I’ve outlined here will catch on and sooner, rather than later, this new feature with be all the rage.

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