“Hey Bro!” Why You Need More Women in Marketing

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young girl holds a cardboard sign. Hire Me.Why You Need More Women in Marketing

Marketing isn’t a “Mad Men” style industry anymore, and it’s no profound secret that diversity bring success. Many Fortune 500 companies are going as far as instilling quotas for women in business, and gender equality is a prominent topic flailing over many news headlines.

However, the ratio of men to women in marketing is still astronomically lower than it should be with women only holding 38.3% of marketing jobs worldwide.

If your marketing agency is running a little heavy on the testerone, here are 5 reasons you should vigorously pursue change.

Women Understand Women

In B2C marketing specifically, 85% of brand purchases are made by women, yet only 3% of advertising agency creative directors are women. At the core, women understand other women, what makes them tick, why they buy what they buy, and what their pain points are.

While every woman is different, at their core, they understand each other. Having women in your marketing team will give you a gigantic edge on your competition, because they have the genetical advantage of knowing how to market to each other.

Nurturing is in Women’s DNA

Women are bred to nurture babies into toddlers, and children into adulthood. When directly applied to marketing, this can translate into many concepts of marketing. For example, the concept of nurturing prospects through the sales funnel. Putting together the pieces on how to move a lead towards a conversion is a genre women naturally excel at, which will give your firm an advantage.

Women Are Better At Analyzing Competitors

Male and female brains are genetically made up differently, while men are typically more aggressive and focused, women are able to critically analyze without letting emotions get in the way. When a man is analyzing a competitor, he may decide to implement a course of action to combat the competitor without delving deeper. Whereas a woman can look at the whole picture and then see how to combat the competitor without being clouded by emotion.

Women Are Good at Juggling

A study by BMC Psychology in 2013 found that women are better at multitasking than men. With all the complex tools, apps, softwares, and platforms that come along with marketing, multitasking is a crucial skill set for any marketer. Combining juggling behaviors and women’s organizational skills, and you now have a more agile marketing team that is able to manage and excel and a plethora of marketing campaigns. Women don’t waste time and can quickly identify areas to consolidate, organize and strengthen business outcomes.

Women Are Relationship Experts

Women thrive at cultivating relationships that are genuine and long-lasting. They give and empathize with others to create positive movement in themselves and the people around them. Relationship building is important for business as a whole, but especially important in marketing. If your team isn’t good at managing clientele,  maintaining partnerships, or PR outreach, you’ll be a bit of a rut.

Moral of the story – “Hey Bro!” Let’s bring on some more ladies in your marketing teams!

Much success,

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