High Line Entrances

High Line Entrances

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The High Line Entrances might be hard to spot at first, but there are quite a few as you walk on the High Line.

The High Line is a magical streak of green in the middle of New York’s once-industrial far west side. This old abandoned railroad trestle was repurposed as a park and opened in 2009. The High Line immediately became popular with locals for morning walks, gardening classes, and other relaxing everyday pastimes. Today the High Line is one of New York’s most popular tourist attractions.

High Line Entrances

It’s a unique experience to be on an elevated strip of greenery while still being surrounded by buildings; the hustle of the city sits quietly below, but the buildings still hem you in and rise above. It’s an interesting sensation, and it’s certainly worth checking out on your next trip to New York. How do you access it? We’ve created a quick list of the High Line entrances so you’ll know how to visit this exceptional park.

There are High Line entrances approximately every two blocks along the park. Not all of them feature elevators, though, so if you have trouble with stairs look for the accessible entrances. The southern end of the park is at Gansevoort Street and Washington Street near the new Whitney Museum. The staircase is easily viewable, but there’s also an elevator tucked against the Whitney behind the stairs. There’s another elevator entrance at 14th Street and 10th Avenue, as well as one at 16th Street and 10th Avenue. All three of these entrances are best reached by subway by taking the A, C, E, or L train to 14th Street/8th Avenue.

As you continue north the High Line runs in a straight line between 10th and 11th Avenues. There are more stair-only High Line entrances at 18th and 20th Streets. There’s a full-service entrance at 23rd Street, and then two more stair-only entrances at 26th and 28th Streets. All of these entrances can be reached by subway by taking the C or E to 23rd Street.

The last two entrances are both full-service. At 30th Street and 10th Avenue, the High Line curves around the rail yards between 30th and 34th Street. The park gradually descends from there, sloping back to the street on 34th Street between West Street and 11th Avenue. This is the only street-level High Line entrance. To reach the northern entrances to the park, take the 7 train to 34th Street-Hudson Yards.

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