How Can I Increase my Google+ +1’S?

How Can I Increase my Google+ +1’S?

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Google+ is the social network that everyone seems to have a hard time engaging on. If you’re running into this issue, you’re not alone. So, how exactly can you increase your customer engagement through Google+?  Follow these simple steps and you’ll see great results.

1. Join Communities

Google+ is made up of thousands of communities.  Everything from programming to web design has a community.  Find a community that correlates to your company’s vertical and join it.  Then you need to engage the community.  Comment on other people’s posts.  Post information that the users will find useful.  Soon you’ll see people adding you to their circles and +1 your page.

2. Create a Community

As we mentioned above, there are thousands of communities on Google+.  So, why not create your own?  If there isn’t a community that fits your needs, create your own and start populating it with content.

3. Content, Content, Content

Create as much custom content as you can and then share it across the network.  The more you’re able to create, the better you’ll be at finding followers.

This isn’t rocket science.  Google + is all about engagement.  Take part in the community and you’ll be shocked at how quickly your following grows.

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