How to Develop a Meditation Practice That is Right for You

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  1. Mix and match

Meditation doesn’t just refer to a single activity or outcome, it is made up of lots of different parts that come together in order to form the whole package. It is your responsibility to select the parts that will help you gain what you are looking for, such as stress reduction.

  1. Go with your gut

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide exactly what to try. The easiest thing you can do is go with what feels right. If you want to understand more about the world, pick an insight practice and if you want to work on your body you may pick a physical one.

  1. Take a risk

You’ll never know how a particular practice feels until you give it a try, so don’t be afraid to commit to something you’re not used to. If you practice for several months or years and find that this is not for you, then try another practice that catches your eye.

  1. Develop a routine practice

The best way to gain all the benefits of meditation and to make sure that you stick to your practice is to develop a routine you enjoy and that you can rely on. It may seem boring at first, but putting together a solid practice will help in the long-run.

  1. Select a main technique

With so many techniques, it can be difficult to select just one. However, it is important to have one special technique that you can rely on and which you can return to even when you become more advanced. The skills you learn will remain at the core of your journey.

  1. Decide on a time

Deciding the specific length of time that you will practice is vital to meditate regularly. Don’t be over ambitious if you have lots of existing commitments, as this is a sure way to miss your practice. Start with a few minutes a day of meditation and increase as you build your practice.

  1. Pick a place

This may seem like the most mundane of decisions to make but selecting the right location for your practice will have a lasting impact on the benefits you reap in the long-run. Find a place that is calm, relaxing and where you know you won’t be disturbed to maximize concentration.

  1. Don’t be afraid of more

Once you are able to follow your breath and fully concentrate during your meditation, a part of you may want to lengthen your practice and increase your exploration time. Instead of shying away from this calling, welcome it and understand that you are on your way to deepening your practice.

  1. Ask for help

Many people begin their meditation journey on their own, however, you may find that your practice is getting blurry or that you are encountering sensations that you are finding difficult to work through. This is normal, so don’t be afraid to turn to a meditation teacher for advice and guidance.

  1. Join a group

Joining a meditation group may seem daunting if you’ve only practiced on your own, but it can bring about a host of benefits. It has the ability to strengthen and deepen your practice due to a sense of community and it has the benefits of a support group when you struggle.

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