How to Gain Visual Clarity with Your Home Projects

How to Gain Visual Clarity

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Look around at the room you’re in. Yep, right now.

If you were a stranger, and you were looking at that same room, what would your thoughts be? Would you know what your room is used for? Would it be clear, somewhat clear or really unclear?

What’s your room “saying” to you?

Our rooms say so much about us. I’m not talking about what they say to other people (whether you care about that is up to you). I’m talking about, what does your room “say” to you?

I’m not getting all ethereal about it, but really, what does your living room say: “Help me, I need to breathe,” “I love and cherish family time,” “We love to travel,” “I collect whirly bobs,” or “Family mementos are important to me.”  Is it clear what the room is used for? Who uses it? WHAT gets used?

Creating a sense of purpose in a room is calming to those that use it. Removing the distractions makes space for you and your mind to just “be” in your space. “Visual clarity” simply means getting real with how you use your space, and making that use apparent to you.

So, what’s going on in your room? Are you happy with what it’s saying? Share with us in the comments below!

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