How to Live Well and Do Well

how to live well and do well

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With a fast-moving world, it’s easy to lose yourself in daily responsibilities. In most economies, people work at least twelve hours in a day. The remaining half of your time is in transit from work to home and the essential, sleep.

By the end of the day, you have made that five/six figure salary but still have no taste for the good things in life. When you finally get your leave, you have no clue as to how you will kill time.

Below are some life hacks on living well and doing well.

1. Physical Workouts & Activities

All work, no play makes you sullen. Getting involved in physical activities will aid in reducing your stress levels. Whenever something is eating your mind up, take a run. The frenzy obtained in sporting activities will help you forget strenuous life expectations. Besides, you will come up with the best solutions when the pressure reduces.

Also, the working out will help to keep you fit. Continuous food intake without an outlet will have you running in and out of hospitals with all manner of lifestyle diseases. Physical exercises are as simple as some sit ups or rope skipping. Make them part of your daily life.

2. Visit a Chiropractor

A chiropractor deals in neural and muscular treatments. It is easy to get cranky from a simple back ache from work. Whether working in an office or fieldwork, such minor pains will always occur. You should have a chiropractor check you as frequently as possible. It will be best if your chiropractor will not need you to wait long hours for an appointment. Since in a day we spend a lot of time seated, an ergonomic chair will go a long way in preventing the back pains.

3. Be a Giver

Life is like a food chain. There are those who have made it, fist class. They employ others to run their firms as they reap the fruits. Their employees are in the middle-class. Middle class affords a budget to hire help for home management while they work.

Finally, we have the third level. They have no stable income but get odd jobs one in a while to make ends meet.  Some, however, cannot work and have to depend on handouts; their children will suffer the same lifestyle if not lifted. If you derive joy in aiding others, then this is your cue.

You can give your excess food; your clothes that are no longer in use, bedding, etc. Also, you can volunteer to mentor, by passing your knowledge and trades of work to others. In this way, you will have aided in lowering the poverty stretch in the society.

4. Vacation

Most people are in the middle class. As expected, their schedules revolve around work. Normally; they can only dream of a free day, staying at home, answering to no one and under no time pressure.

When you finally receive your leave, you will want to escape to some sandy beaches, a skiing trip or even skydiving. The lodging place should have excellent room service and maybe a personal chef for you. Your vacation should make you forget all the hectic times at work. Stop waiting. Grab your spouse and go on an adventure!

5. Diet Control

It goes that life begins at forty. It is also true that this is the time bodies begin to fail most people. In the end, you are at the peak of your life financially and socially, but your body just won’t allow. People tend to stuff their bodies with all sorts of food, carbs, greasy junk food, etc., before forty.

At forty, lifestyle diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure take turns trying to knock you down. To avoid this, you have to watch what to eat as early as your twenties. If you avoid greasy and junk food stuffs, you will have taken the first step towards health. Also, you have to ensure all your meals are rich in greens.

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