How to Move Forward in Your Life and Business

How to Move Forward In Your Life and Business

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Looking out my window I see that my cherry tree has lost its blossoms and is now covered in deep red leaves. Winter has made way for spring and will eventually lead to summer and fall. Seasons are a very visual sign that time is marching on.

It can be hard to put things behind us and move onto the next chapter.

There is nothing wrong with remembering good times, as long as our memories don’t stop us from moving forward.

I was engaged in a conversation with a group recently, and a one person was struggling with their business. She really wanted to move forward, but was a little stuck and needed some advice.

The leader of the group (in her infinite wisdom) said, “Are you more attached to the way it was, or the way you want it to be?” I don’t remember anything more about that conversation, because I kept replaying that question over in my mind.

Are you more attached to the way it was, or the way you want it to be?

There are times I get some resistance from clients, audience members, and people I meet about making a change in their home office and life. Things like:

  • “My husband/wife is so disorganized”
  • “I’m not sure I could ever ‘be organized’”
  • “I’ve tried it all before”
  • “I don’t have enough time/money/energy to _______________”

Organization is a tool for life that’s useful for personal and professional reasons. It streamlines your life and your work so you can be as effective as humanly possible. It’s not an easy process, and a lot of “head stuff” comes into play that needs to be dealt with at some point.

That whole “story” we have been living out in the office (or life for that matter) can be powerful. It dictates what we buy, how we work, how we live, and ultimately the journey we take in this life.

“The home office is a reflection of your soul.”

A friend of mine recently said, It doesn’t matter what you use your home office for: family, business, creativity, making a living or making a life. Look around. Does your home office speak to you? If so, what does it say? Is a reflection of your past? Are you having a hard time letting go?

Or is it a subconscious stumbling block for you, preventing you from being everything you could be and accomplishing what you want to in this life?

What’s the worst that could happen if you decided to take a step forward to make a change so you could create a life you love? Is it time to close a chapter so you can be open to a new one? Remember and honor the past, but don’t make it an excuse to procrastinate and stand still. So, again I ask:

Are you more attached to the way it was, or the way you want it to be?

What are your thoughts? Share with me in the comments below!

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