Is It Time for Professional Coaching?

Is It Time for Professional Coaching?

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As a manager or business owner, it is critical to foster the success of your employees. Happy employees are more productive and make for a positive work environment. There are situations, though, where your personal coaching is not enough to reach the employee in a meaningful way. If this is the case, it is time to bring in a professional coach to help mentor your team, increase your employee retention rate, and ultimately grow your business.

3 Signs It Is Time For Professional Coaching

There are several situations, when it comes to coaching employees, that require you as a business owner to remain impartial, and let a professional coach do the heavy lifting.

  1. Employees Shrug Feedback: Many organizations have that one employee who is extremely popular with co-workers and clients alike. These types of individuals excel at many aspects of their job, but fail to understand the importance of performance reviews and feel that they have nothing left to learn. Professional coaching will help this person understand that his contributions are valuable, but also understand there are areas for which he/she can improve.
  2. Employees Resist Coaching: When attempting to coach certain employees, you may find that some are resistant to coaching because it makes them look weak or incompetent. It is important to paint professional coaching in a positive light, and remind these employees that the company is making an investment in their career. You may also have a rock-star employee whose sales performance is excellent, but the way in which they speak to their co-workers conflicts with the values of the company. A professional coach can help target the problem area, and teach the employee that a positive work environment is more than just about the highest amount of sales.
  3. You Have Close Relationships with Employees: Perhaps you have an employee whom you greatly admire, and even consider a friend outside of work. You want this person to develop their talents and be successful, but you have a hard time pointing out the areas they need to improve. A professional coach remains impartial in this type of situation, and helps the employee work on their skills without emotions getting in the way.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Coach

As a business owner you want to create an environment that is healthy and productive for employees, as well as, continually help your business grow. Hiring an executive coach helps you get out of your own head, and allow an expert in the field to present new ideas. A professional coach can help you feel motivated to try new ventures or debut a ground-breaking product.

Professional coaching can also foster creativity, while identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business. By helping you establish goals, a professional coach will help you and your employees feel more confident about the work at hand. Professional coaches can provide your business with support and encouragement, while giving both you and your employees a safe space to voice their thoughts and opinions.

While hiring a professional coach is a financial endeavor, it’s ROI is huge. Professional coaching will help boost productivity, help develop leaders of the company, and aid in transitioning career roles among employees.

Choosing the Right Coach

When it comes time to hire a coach for your business you must first consider the problem areas. For example, if you have employees who do not work well with others or have difficulty speaking to customers, you will want to hire a people’s skills coach.

This type of coach will ensure that team productivity and morale do not suffer, due to a few employees who lack these skills. You will also want to hire a coach if these problems are occurring more frequently or employees come to you with complaints. When choosing a professional coach, seek someone who is familiar with your industry and can offer valuable insight regarding your type of business. You will also want to find someone whose personality meshes well your team.

Tips for Success

Once you have made the decision to hire a professional coach, focus on the top talent of your team to begin the coaching process. Many businesses are unable to retain their highest performing employees, because they are not shown the proper guidance and are given no constructive feedback. By providing these employees with valuable coaching, it ensures you will retain your top talent while helping them grow in their careers.

Next, focus on coaching the employees who are struggling in their current roles. By providing positive feedback through coaching, your troubled employees will learn to perform their jobs better and contribute to the team in a more relevant way. Remember that your team is critical to the success of your business.

Always use positive reinforcement and encourage collaboration between the employees. Coaching can also be done in individual and group sessions, which will allow for a tailored experience, and provide a safe place for everyone to celebrate their triumphs and understand which areas need improvement.

Employees are most satisfied with their careers when they feel valued. One of the most efficient ways that you can show your employees how vital they are to the company, is by providing them with the necessary tools to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. One great way to help employees feel valued is providing them with professional coaching to improve their jobs skills, and feel like critical members of the team. Not only will this increase productivity in your team, it will also increase your company’s morale and retention rate.

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