Jedi Mind Control? No, It’s Remarketing.

Jedi Mind Control? NO, It’s Remarketing.

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A marketing master would use his Jedi mind tricks to increase his company’s leads and drive his conversion rates through the roof. He used his Jedi mastery to consistently push images into the minds of his potential customers explaining why his software or services were worth their time and money.

If only it were that easy.

In a galaxy that isn’t far away (our galaxy) we may not have incredible abilities or super powers that allow us to bend anything to our will. However, we do have marketing methods that can increase your lead generation and improve your ROI. Through several platforms you can “force push” your remarketing efforts to your potential customers in several ways. Here are a few simple tips and tricks of remarketing that covers platforms for remarketing, do’s and don’ts, and ad design.


Through Google Adwords, Facebook, and Twitter you can create custom audiences by uploading an email list that you have gathered. You can also use a tracking pixel. Upload that pixel onto your website and Bam! Anyone who navigates to that webpage is captured by the pixel. This allows you to create very specific ads within these platforms that are tailored to a specific audience. That’s why when you look up Darth Maul’s light-saber on Amazon, you’ll see ads for every lightsaber possible across websites and social media. And Amazon does that because it works!


You do want to be reaching your potential customers in the best way possible but you don’t want to drown them in constant ads. To avoid sending an endless onslaught of ads that attack your target like a never-ending droid army, use a frequency cap. Frequency caps allow you to still remarket to your potential customers, but it stops after a specific amount of impressions so you’re not constantly remarketing to an uninterested prospect.

Another Jedi tactic to remarketing is stopping your ads from displaying to your already attained customers. You don’t want someone to purchase something from you or a merchant to log in to your website and then still see ads! Place a burn code on the login page of your website or on a purchase confirmation page. The burn code simply tells your remarketing ads, “These are not the droids you’re looking for.”


When your remarketing ads are popping up on the sides of websites or in the news feeds of social media, you want them to make a lasting impression. If your product requires a lot of explanation, you may be tempted to cram in as much copy as you can (this is choosing the dark side). Or in the words of Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a trap!”

No matter what industry you may be in, a general rule of thumb that will bring you greater success is minimal ad copy and simple design. A simple but powerfully engaging ad will drive more clicks to your site than cramming a long explanation on a small banner ad.

Now while you’re reviewing the rebel plans for destroying the Death Star, remember these simple tips for executing a successful remarketing mission:

  • Create custom audiences for Facebook/Twitter
  • Use retargeting pixels
  • Have a frequency cap on the number or remarketing impressions
  • Use a burn code to not remarket to current customers
  • Keep your ad design simple

Much success,

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