Keeping Up With Google Through Content Creation

Keeping up with Google through Content Creation

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Content creation has become more important than ever with recent advances in content marketing. In particular, Google’s Panda update has raised the bar even higher concerning the quality of content produced. Keeping up with Google now takes more effort than ever.

There are many factors to focus on regarding Panda, but the most important one is fresh content. Nowadays, you can’t just expect to post a new article once a month and expect to have a good page rank on Google.

Google is looking for fresh, informative content. Even if you conduct research, it won’t be relevant forever. After it’s a few months old, it won’t carry as much weight in Google’s algorithm as it initially did.

The more often you create content, the better. According to a recent Search Engine Journal article, websites that don’t update their information are at risk of a Panda penalty:

“One of Panda’s pet peeves is content that is no longer relevant or useful. For example, old published studies that contain outdated (and incorrect) information are subject to Panda penalties. If your website contains outdated information, try to make an effort to get the facts up-to-date. Better yet, you can use this opportunity to create new content that is relevant and timely.”

Think of Google’s algorithm as a treadmill; you’re always moving backwards. If you do nothing, you’ll get hit with a penalty and end up off of the track. If you create content at a casual rate, you’ll merely stay on pace with the treadmill. The only way to actually advance is to post at a more frequent rate than the algorithm expects.

If you’re looking to improve your online marketing strategy, then we recommend focusing your efforts on content creation. With the way it looks, we wouldn’t be surprised if Google just keeps increases the speed of its treadmill.

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