Last Minute Gifts That You Can Make!

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If  you’re like me then you probably left some of your gift-getting to the last minute. Shrug off the need to do anything drastic because I’ve done all of the thinking for you! Here are a few projects that I have deemed worthy of last-ditch effort gifts for friends and family members.

Make a Personalized Journal or a Book of Recipes.

This project seems more complicated than it has to be. It could be as easy as punching holes and using ribbon to tie the pages together, or as complicated as sewing a binding. Whatever your skill level is you can design your own cover using fabric and recycled materials.

Once you are finished with the journal you can add your favorite recipes and you will have a great recipe book with room for additions. If your friend or family member is vegan or vegetarian, a book filled with great recipes that they can actually enjoy will seem super thoughtful! Here are instructions for making a journal.

Make a Duct Tape Wallet.

When I was a teenager, I thought duct taped wallets were the coolest things ever and made many of them for all my friends. If you have some young hip teenagers that you need gifts for, this could be the perfect idea.

It’s pretty easy to make your own wallet out of duct tape and recycled materials. They are pretty durable and easy to make. They make all kinds of crazy colored duct tape these days and you can use as many colors as you like. Here are some instructions.

Make your own Stuffed Animals.

This is a project that is good for kids, but can be cute for people of any age. Use old sweaters, nice socks, and shirts you haven’t worn for a couple years for material and get as creative as you want or keep it simple! We all love animals, so this is a gift that can only go endearingly awry. Check out these awesome homemade stuffies.

Find a Funky Container and Make it into a Planter.

Jars, teacups, cookie tins, and even old boots! Anything you like can be turned into a little planter for succulents and small plants. Just make sure that you use a liner if your vessel doesn’t hold water!

Mix Tape!

Who doesn’t need a little extra music to help the time go by during their holiday travels? Give your mix a theme like songs older than 30, or oldies vs. hip-hop, or good songs for singing. Collage or design your own cover for your tape or CD, or if your mix is digital, make a postcard track list to give along with it.


When All Else Fails, Make Cookies.

Who doesn’t appreciate a batch of homemade cookies? Add seasonal ingredients like cinnamon, peppermint, or persimmon. This is a really good gift for someone you may not know very well. Last year I took my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and spruced it up by adding pretzel pieces, pecans, and dried cherries. It was just right for the holidays.

Here is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe from All I do is reduce the amount of chocolate chips and add in whatever else I fancy.

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