Market Yourself: You Are Awesome, You Are a Superhero!

Market Yourself: You are Awesome, You are a Superhero!

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When you were a kid and your teacher asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” you knew exactly what you were going to be: a doctor, a rock star, a supermom, a lawyer, a forensic scientist, a mortician, a surgeon, a teacher, a firefighter or the president of the United States of America. Those are all worthy professions to pursue.

What happened to those goals as you grew older? Did they change? Did you pursue them? Are you who you want to be? The sad reality is that 9 out of 10 people never live out their childhood dreams. You can make a list of excuses as to why you did not or have not yet accomplished your dreams. Throw that list away, OR you can start now.

If you have not accomplished your professional goals, it’s not too late. You are not dead. You don’t have to have the highest IQ to become awesome, you just have to put in the time and use more of your brain cells. Market yourself and become the superhero you were meant to become.

How do you market yourself? In many ways we are all like a book, we all want to make a great first impression (Cover). Most of us use social media (Synopsis) and we all enjoy talking about ourselves (Story).

Following are 3 crucial strategies that will make you stand out:

1. Cover: Dress for Success!

The old-age phrase says, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” and you can argue this point until your face turns blue, however, let’s be honest, we all do it. People judge. They are not always right, but that’s the truth. So, if you want to make a great first impression, you need to dress for the part. How do you want people to portray you? Dress for the part you want to become.

Take a look in the mirror. Do you like the way you look? If not, it’s time to change your wardrobe. Dress appropriately for every occasion. A clean, inexpensive look is all you need. Get a haircut and smile more. Be more optimistic. Get to know people sincerely. Read self-improvement books. You get the point.

2. Synopsis: Use Social Media!

If you want to know a brief summary about a book, about the author, the synopsis (back cover) will tell you enough and then you will decide if you want to keep reading or not. How does this translate into marketing yourself? Use and update ALL your social media accounts. Share and list all your skills on LinkedIn. Be active and make comments, share articles. Write constant posts on your Facebook account and people will start to like you, follow you, and want to hear more about you.

Be wise, yet have fun, with what you post there. Stories are like wildfires, they will spread faster than you imagine. Your family and friends will know what matters to you…and so will your current or potential employer. This is your opportunity for people to get to know you. Impress them by posting things that are inspiring, that matter and inspire people to become better. You can and will influence people and make a difference in their lives. Make your posts count and think about what kind of reputation they will give you.

3. Story: What’s Your Message?

Everyone has a story to tell. Start writing yours. A well-written story will captive its readers, it will have them engaged. They will not want to put the book down. What is your message going to be? What are you going write about? What ever you choose, make sure you communicate it well and keep your audience intrigued.

One way I have discovered to help me reach my goals is to read great, inspiring books. They encourage me to become a better man, a better husband and father. They also help to continue more efficient and loyal employee. If you are not constantly reading, you are not getting any smarter. You are missing out on a fountain of knowledge. As you get inspired by great authors you will also be inspired to do great things with your life.

Start writing your story. And make it a great one. The one thing I have learned is that you can reach your goals and become a smarter person who will influence many, perhaps even millions. But you need to start somewhere.

Without a doubt, as you follow these simple yet effective strategies, you will be on your way to becoming the superhero that is inside of you. Just waiting to soar to new heights. It’s not too late to market yourself, to stand out, to live your dreams!

Much success,

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