Millennials Helping Co-Create Marketing Campaigns

Millennials Helping Co-Create Marketing Campaigns

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Content creation can be an ordeal sometimes for companies, especially when they’re really not sure what some demographics want. Also, with quality content creation sometimes taking extra time to produce, it can be discouraging if a company can’t reach the entire demographic they want to reach. Many companies are now noticing that millennials are very creative in creating online content for their own use. Harnessing their creativity can be very valuable.

Recently, The Guardian pointed out these millennials are now being tapped by companies to help co-create online marketing content. It’s a concept that may sound unusual and risky, yet the merits of it can clearly be seen.

What would happen if you allowed such a thing with your company for B2B marketing? This concept might also sound strange coming from other businesses buying from you. Yet, it could solve a lot of problems in making sure content fits in with the exact niche you want to find.

Allowing Content Creation from Others

With the millennials concept above, some companies have used tweets from the public and turned them into huge marketing campaigns. Other companies have even held contests on their websites for people to submit content that can be used in commercials or other marketing forms.

A B2B business could certainly get creative and do the same thing with other companies they want to link to. By asking for videos, tweets, or testimonials about products you offer, you can use them in very effective ads that can be placed on social media for all to see. Those who submit the content could be given special discounts on products for their participation as a way to assure you’ll have some loyal customers for a long time.

Keep in mind those submitting the content to you don’t have to necessarily be millennials, even though they’re known for their online content savvy. It doesn’t matter what the demographic is, as long as it’s one you intend to focus on. By allowing a collaboration on content, you’re also being assured of what they want so you can seek out others like them.

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