Can You Get Federal Concealed Weapons Permit as a Civilian?

Can You Get Federal Concealed Weapons Permit as a Civilian?

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Federal Concealed Weapons Permit, also known as Federal Concealed Carry Permit, is a license that is supposedly given to a person to authorize him or her to carry certain deadly weapons in public as long as it is not within the plain sight of people. A Federal Concealed Weapons Permit allegedly allows a gun-owner to carry his or her firearm in any place in the US.

Federal Concealed Weapons Permit is not Issued to Civilians

The website of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives or ATF cleared out that neither its agency nor any other Federal agency allows the issuance of a Federal Concealed Weapons Permit. Permits that would allow the concealed carry of guns to civilians only lie within the purview of a State or local government the agency added. In other words, a Federal Concealed Weapons Permit is not given to civilians.

The Reason Behind the Rule

A Federal Concealed Weapons Permit, which is all-encompassing license, would undermine independent gun laws implemented by various States. As we all know, there are areas in the US that require licenses for specific types guns while others do not. Then, each prescribes a different ways of carrying a gun. For instance, most States implement a strict rule on the concealed carry of weapons, while other places such as in rural parts of Texas implement a rule wherein a gun being carried in public must be in plain view.

So far, the individuals that are only allowed to carry a gun in all 50 states and all the territories of the US are law enforcement officials authorized by the federal government to respond to terrorist activities according to the website of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. Thus, the issuance of a Federal Concealed Weapons Permit to civilians is currently a subject for debate in the legislative body of the federal government.

Of course, it it always your personal responsibility to be up to date on all gun and weapon laws and regulations in your area.

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