Mom Uses Breast Milk to Make Brownies for School Bake Sale. Doesn’t Expect Reaction Like This:

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An anonymous mother used breast milk to make brownies for her kid’s school bake sale, and she doesn’t understand why people are disgusted by it.

Look, I’ve tried my own breast milk out of curiosity once, and it was pretty sweet. I have no doubt that it would make pretty delicious brownies. But, I’m queasy at the thought of eating my own breast milk brownies and I definitely wouldn’t be too please to discover I’m eating another mom’s breastmilk altogether.

The mother supposedly didn’t have enough time to run to the store to buy milk so she just used “her own.”

When other moms found out they were completely disgusted by her actions, and she doesn’t understand why. According to the anonymous mom, “some of those kids could use the nutrition.” Hmm, rude much. Using breastmilk is one thing, but mom shaming is a whole other bucket.

So she turned to Facebook for some advice on what to do now that moms are angry, and her post was shared on the Sanctimommy Facebook page. The post has gone viral since with thousands of comments from outraged Internet users. Keep on scrolling to see the mom’s post and Internet users’ reactions.

Here’s the Original Story:

The post has gone viral since with thousands of comments from Internet users, some of which are outraged:

While others find it hilarious:

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