15 Most Creative Ideas for Using Test Tubes

diy ideas for test tubes

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At first, it might be difficult to think of using test tubes for anything but chemistry experiments. Their size and shape are perfect, though, for holding spices, party favors, or even tiny plants. They have a ‘mad scientist’ vibe, too, which can make you feel intelligent regardless of what you’re actually doing with them.

The Most Creative Ideas for Using Test Tubes

1. Test Tube Spice Racks

via Storage Studies

test tube spice rack

2. Test Tube Chandeliers

via Pani Jurek

test tubes chandelier
test tubes chandelier

3. Test Tube Wedding Favors

Filled with wildflower seeds, loose tea, local honey, etc.

via Wood & GrainOh! Weddings, and Weddingbee

test tube wedding favor
test tube seed wedding favor
test tube honey wedding favors

4. A Set of Test Tube Vases

via Lynette’s Art and Ethanollie

test tube flower vases
vintage test tube vases

5. Colorful Test Tube Night Light

via Ninja Production

test tube night light

6. Test Tube Jewelry Organizer

For storing each necklace individually.

via Uncorked

Recycled Cork Jewelry in Test Tube
Recycled Cork Jewelry in Test Tube

7. Test Tube Necklaces

With wildlife specimens or sentimental objects.

via Run 2 The Wild

test tube wild specimen necklaces

8. Hanging Test Tube Vases

Either transparent or painted over to hide the water

via Pigeon Toe Ceramics and A Daily Something

hanging vase test tubes
DIY hanging test tube flowers

9. Little Test Tube Gardens

via Hands Occupied

test tube garden

10. Heirloom Seed Storage with Test Tubes

via Treehugger

test tube seed saving

11. Halloween Party Favors

Test tubes with creepy labels and filled with candy.

via Pure Joy Events

test tube halloween party favors

12. Serving Strong and/or Strange Drinks

via Goody Foodies

test tube drinks
Goody Foodies

13. Test Tube Office Organizer

via Urban Outfitters

test tube office organizer

14. One Serving of Hot Cocoa

As an old-fashioned gift or winter party favor.

via Gingersnap Creations and Celebrating Everyday Life

test tube hot cocoa
Gingersnap Creations
test tube hot cocoa

15. Bubbles

via Wedding Mall

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