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sheertex tight review

Sheertex Review: Are They Really the Last Tights You’ll...

I truly believe that tights have frustrated everyone at some point. They have a huge impact on your outfit, which can be instantly ruined when you suddenly get a huge rip or tear five minutes into your outing. They also require some finesse to wear. You’ve got to keep an eye on your rings and […]

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Honest Manscaped Review

Manscaped Review

***This is an unsponsored review. We purchased the product independently and are in no way associated with the company.*** My husband doesn’t order things often, so when we got this one in the mail I knew it must be something he was excited about. Sure enough, as soon as he got home from work he […]

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Honest Review of the Billie Razor

My Honest Review of the Billie Razor: Is it...

I was very hesitant to give the Billie razer a try. I’ve tried many, many razors marketed to women in the past and hated them all. Since college, when a roommate let me in on the secrete about how men’s razors were better than the ones marketed to women, I have been a devote men’s […]

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