My Entrepreneur Wish List

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Client EngagementThe trees are being trimmed and the Menorah’s are soon to be lit, and all around the world children are lying belly down on the carpet, feet up in the air, and writing out their wish lists in crayon and marker.  And while I may not be wearing onesie pajamas anymore, I too have a wish list for this holiday season.

I Wish for Sales

But honestly, what entrepreneur isn’t wishing for this?  So, I’ll need to wish extra hard.  Or at least give it my best efforts.  For starters I could read some of the articles (try this onethis one, or this one) that were written on this subject over the past year.

But really, I should understand that sales don’t grow on trees or come down the chimney wrapped in paper and bows.  Sales are earned through sweat, tears and a whole lot of effort.

I Wish for Marketing Miracles

Wouldn’t it be great if the world could hold hands and everyone decide to view my marketing campaigns?  Or… I could make incremental improvements to all of my marketing campaigns.  I could analyze the metrics that I’m seeing and optimize my ads, my landing pages and my messaging.

Then maybe, just maybe, I’ll start to see the returns I need on my marketing dollars.  Because, let’s be honest, my marketing doesn’t need a wave of a magic wand.  It needs a steady hand guiding it towards my ultimate goal.

And if I need to know how, you can always reference this article or maybe this one.

I Wish I was a Better Boss

Look, Santa… Let’s be frank with each other.  I’m an entrepreneur.  My strengths are starting companies, coming up with ideas and overcoming failures.  But being an entrepreneur and being a manager of employees can often times be at odds with each other.

I’m great at keeping myself motivated and keeping myself on task, but when I try and do that with my employees, something gets lost in the mix.  So please oh please, send me an elf or a reindeer or even that weird snowman thing from the 1960’s Rudolph movie to help me with managing my team. I don’t really care how you do it, but just know that this is something I desperately need help with.

Although, I guess if you’re too busy, I can make due by getting advice here or here, and then rolling up my sleeves and work at becoming a more well-rounded entrepreneur.

I Wish for Fame and Glory

I’m sure I could get either fame or glory, but they’re always mentioned in concert, so for the sake of this wish list, I’d like to request both — in overwhelming amounts if you don’t mind.  Because if I’ve learned anything from tv and the internet, it’s that fame and recognition go hand in hand with business success.  (Where is that sarcasm font?)

Or, I could stop chasing rainbows and realize that fame and glory actually have very little to do with being a successful entrepreneur.  In fact, some of the most successful people I know live understated lives and don’t seek out the spotlight.

Maybe I should pull my head out of “you know where” and really focus on what’s important and forget about all the fluff. And when I need a reminder, I’ll just read thisthis or this.

I Wish for Courage

I needed courage when I first started my company and I need it every time I pitch to a new client.  There seems to be a never-ending need for courage in my entrepreneurial career.  So please send me a sack bursting at the seams with it.  Send me some when I need to expand to a new location.  Send me some when I need to make my first hire.  Send me some when I finally decide to quit my 9 to 5 and set out on my own.

Whenever you think I’ll need it, send it in advance.

And when I need to lean on the courage of others, I’ll do so by reading thisthis and this.

Much success,

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