Onsite Blogging: Creating Content at the Right Times to Capture Your Customers

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Onsite blogging continues to do wonders to help many B2B companies get found. Managing your site’s blog can be a lot of work, though, and figuring out how often you should create content on your site is vital to your blog strategy. Whether writing short articles, posting videos, or sharing other compelling media, a sense of balance is important. You want to create enough content to keep people engaged, but not so much that it annoys current or prospective clients.

An important aspect of a posting strategy is knowing when to post to reach the most people. Posting at the wrong time can lead to fewer page views which in turn affects how well search engines find you.

The answer to the question of when to post lies in the profile of your target customer. You want to make sure that your content is being shared in the same places and the same times that your customers are available to be reached.

Finding Out When Your Business Customers Are Online

Using an analytics tools on your website will allow you to determine what the peak hours or days are for visitors. You can also send surveys out to your consistent customers on your email list so you’ll know when they prefer reading new content, or get an idea of when they’re generally searching for your products.

Sometimes by knowing what kind of business buys from you regularly, you’ll know what their general habits are. Some customers may read at certain times of the day or even weekends, depending on their hours of operation. Knowing when and how often your customers are looking for content is the golden rule for your blog strategy.

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