Our Independent Review: Resolve Carpet Cleaner

Our independent Review: Resolve Carpet Cleaner

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I have two huskies and foster other dogs quite frequently. While I foster these dogs many are nervous or some not even potty trained, so I have many many pet messes to clean up. This goes from urine to number 2 and even messy diarrhea as many fosters come to us sick. With this in mind, I have been on a mission to find the best way to fight these messes and I think Resolve carpet cleaner might be it.

Every time there is a pet mess in my house be it urine or number 2, the carpet cleaner by Resolve cleans up the mess. It does not only take away any stain, but it leaves the spot smelling wonderful.

The smell was the biggest thing that made this my pet stain product of choice. Some cleaners don’t take out the smell enough leaving a rough mix of cleaner and pet odor behind, which is just awful. Then others overcompensate by making the after smell so strong it will give me a headache. This is also not a great option. Resolve leaves your carpet with a nice after smell that is not too strong, but also gets rid of all the pet odor.

Resolve Carpet Cleaner Review


  • Great Smell Before and After
  • Many Options to Apply Product
  • Gets out Pet Stains


  • None that I have found so far
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