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Two Dogs Watching TV together

Question – Can a Dog Watch TV?

Many people enjoy watching television with their canine companions, but what are dogs really seeing during the premier of the newest episode of The Newsroom or Hannibal? To answer this question we need to examine what makes a dog’s eyes tick, if you will. Now to perceive a bunch of images as film human beings […]

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Image of a top hunting dog with hunted bird

Top 10 Hunting Dogs

We love dogs—as pets and certainly as hunting partners for many. Different breeds of dogs can serve as excellent hunting partners, but depending on the type of game you are looking for. The following are 10 of the best hunting dogs. 1. Labrador Retriever: Just as the name states. Retriever dogs make excellent hunting partners, and […]

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gorgeous dog owner with dog wonderful news for dating a dog owner

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Dating a...

Dogs and dog owners have a lot more resemblance than some people think. There are some things that people should know about dating someone who has a dog. 1. Resemblance – Sometimes this can be more than just a facial thing. It usually goes much deeper. When someone finds a dog they want to take home, […]

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How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell for Good!

How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell for...

Why is the Smell of Cat Urine So Hard To Get Rid Of? The smell of cat urine is particularly difficult to get rid of because it is composed of a mixture of urea, uric acid, and bacteria. When cat urine dries, it crystallizes and can bond with surfaces, making it harder to remove. Additionally, […]

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76 Things You Should Know about Cats Before You Get One

76 Things You Should Know About Cats Before You...

When it comes to choosing a pet for your home, you can’t deny that cats are an alluring option. Their inclination towards independence makes them a perfect options for those who won’t be at home during the work day or for those who like going out often during the evenings. Their quiet natures and easy […]

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Important Tips and Information for New Cat Owners

Cats are one of the most common pets in the world with around 18% of households holding one. They’re great pets as they are very hygienic, family friendly and completely adorable. It’s very tempting for families or individuals to think about getting a cat but there are a lot of things people don’t know. Here’s […]

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example of plastic storage container for keeping snakes

Is a Plastic Storage Container Ever Okay for Keeping...

The reptile-keeping hobby is not as well developed as keeping dogs or cats. We’re still learning a lot about keeping reptiles, what their husbandry needs truly are, and how to give them the best life in captivity possible. Reptiles can make truly rewarding pets, I should know as we have several, but they do come […]

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Top 9 Best Snakes for Beginner Snake Owners

Snakes are beautiful animals. Many snakes make great pets. They are easy to feed and water. A young snake only needs to eat every 7 to 10 days, and as they get older they can eat even more infrequently depending on the species and meal sizes. They need access to fresh water constantly, which is […]

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keeping reptiles better instead of keeping more and collecting

We Should Start Focusing on Keeping Reptiles Better and...

It’s often said, somewhat jokingly, that you can’t just have just one snake or lizard. Once you buy one, you almost always end up buying more. Sometimes, a lot more. Unlike many other pets, it seems that collectivism is almost promoted in the reptile hobby. There seems to be sentiments that you’re not a real […]

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Top Hypoallergenic Pets

Top Hypoallergenic Pets

If you suffer from allergies, but would love having a pet, here is a list of ten hypoallergenic alternatives. Keep in mind that the only truly hypoallergenic pets are those with scales. Allergies are not only caused by pet dander, but also by proteins present in the animal’s saliva and urine. You could be allergic […]

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