Pregnancy & Baby

Is it Possible to Raise a Healthy Child on...

It is possible to raise a healthy child on a meatless diet? Of course. Heck, I wasn’t even trying to keep my babies on a meatless diet, but my babies just weren’t all that interested in eating meat even when it was offered. You should always consult your doctor about your child’s health and diet, […]

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Has Olaplex 3 been linked to infertility?

Has Olaplex Really Been Linked to Infertility?

You’ve probably heard of Olaplex. It’s the super pricey, super popular, hair line said to heal the damaged bonds of your damaged hair, especially if you’re a fan of bleaching (guilty as charged). Some people swear by Olaplex and are loyal to the entire line. Some people hate it and think it’s overrated. Whether you […]

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How to Pop Your Ears: Advice for Babies and Adults

How to Pop Your Ears: Advice for Babies and...

Have you ever experienced that uncomfortable feeling of pressure or fullness in your ears, as if they were clogged or blocked? It’s a common sensation that many of us have encountered at some point. The good news is that there are techniques to help relieve this discomfort and restore your ears to their normal state. […]

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How Many Kids Parents Wanted vs. How Many They Actually Had

How Many Kids Parents Wanted vs. How Many They...

Family planning is probably the biggest misnomer I’ve ever heard. You can’t plan anything. Maybe you’re lucky, and maybe your plans do end up working out, but, for the vast majority of us, the families we end up with usually end up looking different than the ones we thought we’d get. Sometimes in small ways, […]

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What is the cost of a tummy tuck/

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

Many moms don’t realize how much their body will change once they have had their baby. While the body changes are obvious during pregnancy, the postpartum recovery differs extensively between women. Some mom’s pop straight back into shape, and others will find that they never get back to their pre-baby body. Accepting your new body […]

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Her Baby Might Still Be Alive, If Someone Had Said the Car Seat Wasn’t Installed Correctly

Her Baby Might Still Be Alive, If Someone Had...

Arguably the most important job of parents is to protect their children from danger. And like any other parent, Holly Wagner did her best to ensure her children’s safety. But then on April 27, 2013, the mother of two from Louisiana received a horrifying call while she was at work. Holly’s boyfriend was driving her […]

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Is a Vegetarian Diet Okay During Pregnancy?

Vegetarianism and pregnancy are very compatible Just like there is an erroneous perception in the Western society that vegetarian diets lack proteins, there’s also a perception that being vegetarian or vegan is not healthy during a pregnancy. In reality, sticking to a vegetarian diet while you are expecting can provide you will all the nutrients […]

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How to stay in touch friends don't have kids

How to Stay in Touch With Friends Who Don’t...

Leading up to the birth of your baby, there are lots of things to plan for and worry about. One thing you may be worried about, especially if you are among some of your first friends having babies, is how being a parent is going to change your relationships with friends who don’t have babies. […]

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What to Do When Another Mom Thinks You Are...

We all like to help out when we can. Sometimes our friends or family need a night out, kids-free, and we are more than happy to step in. We know how tough parenting is and that everyone needs a break now and again. We’re already stuck watching our own kids, so why not add a […]

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Study reveals mom's need full year of recovery after giving birth

Study Reveals Moms Need Full Year for Recovery After...

Today’s study should come as no shock to anyone who’s had a baby before. Did they really need a study to tell us what I’m pretty sure every single mom out there already knows? Apparently so. Growing a baby a beautiful experience, but it’s also demanding on your body. New mothers may be told by […]

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PSA: Please Don’t Let Babies Sleep Unbuckled & Unattended...

Shepard Dodd was only 11-weeks-old when he died in his infant car seat. It’s a risk that not many parents know about, but the accident happens more often than they should. Now Shepard’s parents, Ali and Derek Dodd, are sharing their story so that this doesn’t happen to another parent again! “Shepard was in the […]

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Relatable things sleep deprived parents have done

These Hilarious Things Sleep Deprived Moms Did By Accident...

Being a parent is a beautiful thing. but it also involves countless sleepless nights. Let’s face it – you’re not getting much sleep the first few years. If you need more proof, check out these 25 hilarious confessions from real, sleep-deprived moms. 25 Relatable Confessions from Sleep Deprived Moms 1. “I walked out to my […]

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The common mistakes parents make when putting baby in a car seat

The Surprising Mistake 86% of Parents Make When Putting...

No matter how seriously you take your child’s safety, a new study finds that when it comes to car seats, it’s far more likely you’re making a major mistake than not. The study, which was published in the Journal of Pediatrics, attests that an alarming 95 percent of parents are making at least one significant error […]

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how to deal with gender disappointment

Let’s Try to Be More Understanding of Gender Disappointment

Gender disappointment is what happens when a parent thinks they know what they’re going to happen or have envisioned having a certain sex for a long time, only to discover that they’re actually having the opposite gender at birth or during an ultrasound. It can take many form including tears, anger, dissociation during pregnancy or […]

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