Should You Spend More on Content Marketing?

Should You Spend More on Content Marketing?

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Content marketing in the B2B field still has yet to diversify to a level that captures the most business customers. But that’s because some B2B companies haven’t always invested enough of their budgets in content marketing until seeing the benefits more recently. Forbes recently reported that this will likely change. They cite the Content Marketing Institute as saying 10% of B2B marketers polled are increasing their spending on content marketing.

But it’s one thing to add content marketing to your own budget without successful execution. Things are evolving quickly in this field, and you have to know what the trends are.

How Diverse Should You Be in Content Marketing?

The variety of media platforms for content marketing is currently the greatest it’s ever been. You have everything from outlets for video to even meme creation sites. The latter is a newer form of marketing and used often lately on social media. While some of it is satiric, memes are easily customizable into something meaningful when marketing a product or service.

Slideshows and news sharing sites are additional outlets to explore this year. With visuals being a more important aspect to marketing nowadays, focus on photos and videos to interest business customers helps them make better decisions. Because other businesses need a good idea of what kind of products you offer, the more stats and visuals you provide, the better.

The above outlets are why you should follow the lead on other B2B marketers and increase your budget on content marketing this year. Making it a major part of your budget spending needs strong consideration when you realize how far of a reach the above-mentioned media tools provide.

Diversification opens new possibilities to the business customers you want by making your products come to life rather than a guessing game about what they’ll buy. With more assurance in what they buy, it leads to longer lasting relationships so your B2B business thrives.

Content marketing is something that isn’t easy to half ass, but at the same time, it can suck away as much budget as you will give it. There is always more content that you can create. Marketing compelling content and utilizing the latest trends to reach the most amount of businesses. If you’re just doing the very basics and not seeing results, then that’s probably a sign that you probably need to boost your budget. However, if you’re already been pouring out a ton of budget towards creating content, some of which you haven’t even had time to promote yet, then you’re probably good to stay where you are or even cut back.

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