6 Simple Travel Journal Tips

6 Simple Travel Journal Tips

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Buying a travel journal is like falling for a tourist trap before the trip begins.

True, some amazing people are successful at writing/doodling in books while traveling, but they are a specialized group of travelers on par with American explorers like Lewis & Clark.

Even so, leaving a journal unfinished feels wrong. It’s like the unknown 8th sin. And, I’ve really loved looking back on my travel journals when I have done them. They make the vacation memories so much stronger than simple photos alone. I have a travel journal from my trip to Paris that I completely adore.

So, how can you finally complete a journal?

Here are a Few Suggestions for your Next Travel Journal:

  1. Tape scraps (e.g. food wrappers) into your journal and write short comments beside them. These scraps may provoke the same memories as two paragraphs of poor writing.
  2. Create a journal/photo album combo. Either write directly into a photo album or paste printed photos into your ‘awesome-looking’ journal.
  3. Restrain yourself from writing vacation names on the cover [such as ‘India 2009’]. Then, reuse the journal for future travels.
  4. Continue to use the journal afterward for a purpose inspired by the trip. For example, the journal from India might become a recipe book of Indian dishes.
  5. Choose smaller journals [saving paper, time and self-esteem].
  6. Avoid the journal section of the book store. Then, write on serviettes. Problem solved.
  7. Moleskine journals are a great choice because you can completely customize the moleskine journal cover.

Do you enjoy using travel journals on your trips? Let me know in the comments below!

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