Simplify Your Life: Getting Those Pesky Projects Done!

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I decided to take a few days off and get some projects done around the house. It’s been a nice time for me to decompress before the school year starts (since my little one is starting school this year!). The particular project I am working on has been on my mind for about three years, and it feels good to be crossing it off my list.

Three years may sound like a lot, but I bet many of you also have project that have been living rent-free in your mind for years. How relieving would it be to finally get to mark them off your list and get them out of your head? Here’s a few tips to get those unfinished projects off your list and out of your head.

How to Tackle Pesky Home Projects

  1. Ask, Is this project really important to me? Home improvement and other projects can stack up like Saturday morning pancakes. Stop and think about what projects are important to you and make them a priority. Then start working on the most important ones one project at a time.
  2. Do a yearly review. Take time once every year and decide what projects you want to accomplish this year. Put all the others on a staggered list of 2, 5, 10 years and beyond. Writing it down and prioritizing will instantly allow you to let go of those projects that are years out and focus on the ones close at hand because you’ll know they’re written down somewhere safe that you won’t forget.
  3. Set aside time to actually do them. There’s no use in having a great list of things you want to do if they never get done.  No one is making more time, so you have to make it yourself. Put it on the calendar, and get started. Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part.
  4. Simplify and let it go. Do you have things on your list that are just out of your reach and not really what you want to do? Give yourself permission to get those darned things off your list and breathe a sigh of relief. Honestly, you’ll thank yourself.
  5. Get organized and get it done. Once you have your project on your radar, you’ll need to do some planning. What do you need to get it done? Are there things you need to purchase? Do you already have products you can use to get the project done? Do you need specialized help? Knowing the whole picture will not only help you get it done and done right,  but also help you know when you are actually finished!

What’s one project you want to get done so you can get it out of your head? Share with us in the comments below!