Spruce Up Your Content Marketing Strategy This Fall

Spruce Up Your Content Marketing Strategy this Fall

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Everyone knows that creating valuable content is beneficial to a business. It helps create a community, provide help to existing customers, and begins to add new customers into your sales and communications funnel. Unfortunately, sometimes it feels like every topic has been covered or written about. Here are 3 fresh ideas for your content marketing that can help relieve this burden:

Idea One: The Fans Matter

A great way to keep things fresh is to listen to the fans and utilize their feedback to generate content based on how they view/feel about the organization. Note: User generated feedback can be difficult to gather. Without impassioned followers who wholeheartedly buy into your brand it will be impossible to gain feedback. The right service in conjunction with amazing marketing will encourage followers to contribute insightful information and great content can be generated from the data.

Idea Two: What are your Passions?

Content marketing can be very muddy. Organizations can get lost in the process and forget what motivates them. Aim to develop content marketing priorities based on what you/organization is most Passionate about and that is most relevant to your audience ( this idea builds on the first). You have to be focused on the consumers, but you cannot let your actions solely revolve around them.

Idea Three: Meme’s!

This option involves a bit of a whimsical and fun spirit. Memes are viral and often hilarious images. Consumers love to laugh, they share what makes them laugh and feel joy with others in hopes to spread that joy. Whenever a funny idea arises in relation to your products/services make a meme fans will love it and share it.

These fresh ideas can help you jump start your content creation muscle and help revive your creative spirit.

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