Staying Informed: My Favorite Home Office Tech & News Resources

My Favorite Home Office Tech & News Resources

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We’ve all got places we look to for information.  I happen to love technology that helps home office professionals, but I bet you already knew that, right?  So, where do I go to find news about all things shiny and useful?  Here’s a list of my recent favorites:

  1. PCWorld
    I’m increasingly drawn to this publication. I’m a PC user (primarily), and there is just so much to learn!
  2. MacWorld
    Although I use a PC laptop, I also like learning about Macs. Windows is my operating system of choice, but I’m not a Apple hater (so please hit delete on that hate mail you were about to send me). I have had several iPods, and love my iPod Touch. So, if you’re a Mac person (or want to be), this is also a great resource.
  3. CNet Reviews
    Whenever I am on path to purchasing any kind of electronics, I first go to They have a great variety of reviews on most anything I am looking for, like smartphones, laptops and software.
  4. Consumer Reports
    This is the next stop I make when looking for electronics. I want to make sure what I’m buying is a good choice. I’ve had really great success when I go with something these guys like. (I’m also a magazine and online subscriber so I have access to everything.)
  5. Silicon Florist
    Since I love technology and small business, I also like seeing what’s going on with the startup community here in my local area. Silicon Florist keeps me up to date on all that. Yippee!
  6. Twitter
    Ok, you might not think of this, but man have I learned a lot from some of my peeps out there!
  7. Gizmodo
    I’m all for a good gadget, and let’s face it, Gizmodo is just pure eye candy for the gadget-prone. I have this in my “must read” file in my . . .
  8. Google Reader
    There are so many tasty tidbits for all things I want to know, so I keep track of most of them by subscribing to their RSS Feed with Google Reader. I have several folders based on category, and one that is a “Must Read” folder. It helps me with one place to keep it all, so I can find it later.

What’s your favorite resource to learn about home & mobile office technology products and news? Share with us in the comment below!

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