Our Independent Review: Resolve Carpet Cleaner

Our independent Review: Resolve Carpet Cleaner

I have two huskies and foster other dogs quite frequently. While I foster these dogs many are nervous or some not even potty trained, so I have many many pet messes to clean up. This goes from urine to number 2 and even messy diarrhea as many fosters come to us sick. With this in mind, […]

Did You Know that Best Buy Has the Best Carpet Cleaners?

Did you know that best buy has the best carpet cleaners

Best Buy may not be the first place you think of when you think of carpet cleaners. Most people do not know that, at the time this article was written, Best Buy actually sells 98 different types of carpet cleaners from 15 different brands. To put this in perspective for you, Target only has 19 […]

Walmart Carpet Cleaner Review: Which Carpet Cleaner is Best For Me?

Walmart Carpet Cleaner Review

When you need your carpet cleaned in a jiffy (I’m looking at you child who started throwing up everywhere in the middle of the night), Walmart is a great choice to buy a carpet cleaner. They have many options available, are open 24/7 and most people have a Walmart within a short driving distance. You […]