The Best Cupcake Ideas for Your Next Party

The Best Cupcake Ideas for Your Next Party

One of the most versatile party decorations are cupcakes. With the right cake toppers, they can match any party theme. Best of all, you don’t have to pack away the decorations once you’re done. You just eat them. Piñata cupcakes can bring an especially festive mood to any party. Plus, have you ever met anyone who hated […]

9 International Easter Bread Recipes

Hot cross buns aren’t the only type of traditional Easter bread. As an international holiday, Easter has a great variety of foods and customs unique to each region of the world. There are so many delicious kinds of Easter breads, for instance, that you could try a different recipe each year and never run out of […]

Historical American Recipes and Cookbooks for the 4th of July

The American Independence Day is usually celebrated with a barbecue, but if you want to try something different, visit the Colonial Williamsburg website for American recipes from the 18th century. They have a whole department dedicated to researching and recreating colonial American foods, called the Department of Historic Foodways. They’re currently researching culinary topics like coffee, dairying, food […]

12 Easy to Make Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Once you’ve made ice cream sandwiches at home, the store-bought versions seem so boring. The recipes are usually quite simple too. There are basically three ingredients: a type of ice cream, a type of cookie and something special to give it panache. You can substitute brownies or even doughnuts for the cookies, and frozen custard […]

10 Creative Cupcakes for Saint Patrick’s Day

10 Creative Cupcakes for Saint Patrick’s Day

The tricky part of making St. Patrick’s Day desserts is figuring out which flavors go with the color green. If green isn’t an option, then you have to figure out how to make something look ‘Irish’ to someone who isn’t Irish. Cupcakes are a good option because they’re small and flexible; you can try a […]

10 Beautiful Pavlova Recipes

delicious pavlova recipe

Pavlova is an awe-inspiring dessert, not only because of its exotic name and beautiful shape, but because it’s so rare compared to cakes, pies and cookies. Even though it’s practically as easy to make as a layered cake, it gives the impression of culinary expertise – something reserved for professional bakers and/or people who have […]

Top 10 Elements and Foods You Need to Consume to Detox Your Body

Essential Amino Acids Amino acids are the building blocks that your body uses to create proteins. It later used proteins to build new cells and repair existing cells. You can’t store all the amino acids that you need in your body. You also can’t make all of them on your own, which is why getting […]

Top 10 Favorite Candy Bars for Americans

Americans have what can only be called the sweetest teeth on the planet. They eat so much confectionary that the industry is literally worth billions of dollars, generating over $5 billion dollars in 2016 alone. What’s the most popular candy bar in America? 1. M&Ms Surprise! Maybe not, but M&Ms have been around since 1941 […]