Is an Apple a Day Really Good for Your Health?

Everyone has heard the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But is it really true? Is an apple a day actually good for your health? Let’s find out. A medium sized apple has only 95 calories and is loaded with restorative phytonutrients. A recent European study found that those eating more […]

Superbugs in Our Meat are Making Us Sick

Superbugs in our Meat are Making us Sick

“Listen, my friends and you will hear, A story more alarming than Paul Revere!” How many of you would eat food laced with feces? For those of you that say, “hell, no!” the Center for Disease Control and others have tested the bacterial prevalence (and likely fecal contamination) of meat from grocery stores. This is […]

Tips from a Vegan: How to Share the Table with Your Non-Vegan Relatives

I love my family. A LOT. My brothers and sisters are beautiful, creative, hilarious, and passionate people who still somehow manage to be very different from each other. They are really great! We still don’t see eye to eye on almost anything, though. Over the years we’ve developed a somewhat graceful way of dealing with […]

Top 10 Thing You Can Do to Avoid Toxins in Foods


AVOID SODIUM BENZOATE This element is a preservative that is most commonly present in soft drinks. Its other name is benzoic acid. Benzene is a toxic substance and a carcinogen. AVOID FOODS WITH ARTIFICIAL FOOD COLORING When various additives and artificial colorings are tested, they are tested one at a time. This can be a […]