The 5-2-1-Almost None Program Can Help Make Our Kids Healthier

The 5-2-1-Almost None Program Can Help Make our Kids Healthier

Our children live in an obesogenic world. That is the medical term for the things in our environment that make us fat and unhealthy. The causes behind the child obesity epidemic include a sedentary lifestyle plus a diet that is: High in sugar High in fat High in salt Low in fiber Here are some […]

Top 10 Things to Know About Your Saliva and Food Digestion

Food digestion starts in the mouth Food digestion starts immediately after food and liquids enter your mouth. In order for your body to properly digest the foods you eat and liquids you drink, your mouth needs to do its work, starting with your teeth grinding the foods into smaller pieces.    2.“Chew your food” is […]

Is a Vegetarian Diet Okay During Pregnancy?

Vegetarianism and pregnancy are very compatible Just like there is an erroneous perception in the Western society that vegetarian diets lack proteins, there’s also a perception that being vegetarian or vegan is not healthy during a pregnancy. In reality, sticking to a vegetarian diet while you are expecting can provide you will all the nutrients […]