The Advantages and Disadvantages of Knuckles as Self-Defense Weapon

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Knuckles as Self Defense Weapon

The BladesUSA PK-808RB Knuckles is a self defense weapon which is a melee type and belongs to the knuckle duster category. It measures 4 inches in width and its thickness is only 2.8 mm. The product has black plating on its both sides where the palm meets the metal. Knuckles Self-Defense Weapon Advantages The BladesUSA PK-808RB Knuckles will […]

Knife vs Gun in Close Quarter Combat

Knife vs Gun – Who would win? Have you ever about who would win in a close quarter knife vs gun fight? The issue about who would win between a knife vs gun in close quarter combat has been a subject of numerous debates. However, in reality, the results of a close range knife vs […]