20 Inspiring Book Sculptures

20 Inspiring Book Sculptures

In 2010, several anonymous book sculptures began to appear around Edinburgh. They were left as gifts in libraries, museums, and cultural institutions, attached to brief notes that said some variety of “thank you.” The artist is still anonymous, but the artwork continues to amaze and inspire. Book sculpting isn’t just a Scottish phenomenon. Check out some amazing […]

5 Unexpected Upgrades for Your Home Office That Actually Pay Off

5 Unexpected Upgrades for Your Home Office that Actually Pay Off

If you ask me, it is time to think outside the box, and beyond those sterile cubicles that corporations call offices. A home office can and should be a place where it is a joy to work in. It is your space after all, and you are free to do anything that helps you summon […]

15 of the Best Ways to Upcycle Old Maps

If you travel frequently, you eventually find a pile of maps sitting in a drawer or box somewhere. They can be hard to throw away, even if they’re way outdated and worn out. Instead of getting rid of them completely, you can save their beauty and nostalgic value by upcycling the map pages into something […]

9 Brilliant Ways to Upcycle Light Bulbs

Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs creates a problem: what should you do with the old light bulbs? Well, luckily for you, there are a ton of creative people out there with brilliant ideas on how to create magical crafts or upcycle them into something useful. Here are Some of the Best Ideas for Upcycling Light […]

16 Ways to Upcycle Egg Cartons

There are so many useful and fun crafts you can make with egg cartons, that you could probably make something new every time you buy eggs. This short list is just the tip of the iceberg and will hopefully inspire dozens of other creative ideas. The Best Ways to Upcycle Egg Cartons 1. Egg Carton […]

101 Actual Ways Anyone Can Make Money Online

101 Actual Ways Anyone Can Make Money Online

“Go where the money is.” The adage dates back to when money was primarily found in brick-and-mortar locals like banks and stores. Now, however, that money is online, accessible to anyone with a laptop and working internet connection. We’ve compiled 101 ways to make money online—some as supplemental income and some you can build a […]

19 Ways to Use Birch Bark for Crafting

Birch bark is often used as tinder for camp fires, but if you’re stuck in the city or have too much bark on hand, there are dozens of other ways you can use it. The bark’s flexibility and beautiful pattern make it perfect for decorating objects, especially for weddings or parties with a rustic theme. […]