18 of the Best Lace Necklaces

18 of the Best Lace Necklaces

Lace used to bring to mind pictures of curtains, tablecloths, and wedding dresses. Victorian gloves and doll’s clothing, but never necklaces. I mean, I’ve heard of delicate lace collars, but necklaces were new to me. Which is tragic, because I am in love with them. They can add a bit of elegance to any outfit. […]

15 of the Best Ways to Upcycle Old Maps

If you travel frequently, you eventually find a pile of maps sitting in a drawer or box somewhere. They can be hard to throw away, even if they’re way outdated and worn out. Instead of getting rid of them completely, you can save their beauty and nostalgic value by upcycling the map pages into something […]

19 Ways to Use Birch Bark for Crafting

Birch bark is often used as tinder for camp fires, but if you’re stuck in the city or have too much bark on hand, there are dozens of other ways you can use it. The bark’s flexibility and beautiful pattern make it perfect for decorating objects, especially for weddings or parties with a rustic theme. […]

12 Ways to Upcycle Vintage Cookie and Tea Tins

In most thrift stores, there’s a section for old-fashioned metal tins designed to hold cookies or tea. They’re often unique, cheap and tempting to buy, but what can you do with them afterwards? Besides storing cookies, etc., the best way to reuse an old tin is to create something entirely new with it, like one […]

11 of the Best Crochet Collar Patterns

Similar to crochet and lace necklaces, Peter Pan crochet collars are a quick project for both beginning and advanced crocheters. They’re easy to learn how to make and can be a great starting point for trying out frills and finery without getting too frustrated. And, of course, they’re a lot of fun to wear once you’re done. […]

9 Great Ways to Use a Wax Seal Stamp

great ways to use a wax seal stamp

Wax seal stamps might seem too antiquated to use every day, but they can be unexpectedly handy once you have one. Because they’re so sophisticated by themselves, you don’t have to add much else to a letter or label to make it look impressive. But you can use wax seal stamps for much more than […]

25 Creative Ways to Use Driftwood

Each piece of driftwood is unique, so you can’t always decide what you’re going to make before you find the driftwood. It’s less predictable, which makes the art more spontaneous. Nevertheless, here are inspiring ideas to get you started. 1. Coasters – made from Icelandic driftwood. via Railis 2. Boats – both little and big. via Yalos via Gifts & […]

19 Beautiful Papercut Art Designs

Papercutting might sound like a violent sport for those who aren’t familiar with real papercutting: the art of cutting designs into paper. Once you discover this incredible world of delicate paper sculptures and intricate papercut patterns, a dull piece of construction paper suddenly seems like a potential masterpiece – or, at least, a cute card. Here are […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Keywords for Business Blogging

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Keywords for Business Blogging

Keywords are the much maligned components of business blogging.  Using keywords has now gained the reputation of being an underhanded technique unsuitable for respectable businesses. In fact, if you look at the websites of well-known newspapers such as The New York Times, you’ll find that they don’t pay any attention to keywords at all.  Their website content […]