16 Ways to Upcycle Brown Paper Bags

Paper grocery bags are often reused as lunch, trash, and recycling sacks, but there are many more creative, longer-lasting options. If you have a pile of paper bags to whittle through, here are some awesome upcycling ideas. The Best Ideas for Upcycling Brown Paper Bags 1. Hair Bow via Neat Bows For Cool Kids 2. Origami […]

13 Ways to Reuse Plastic Milk Jugs

ways to recycle and upcycle diy old milk cartons

Plastic milk jugs are so common in the U.S. that anything you make with them is basically free. They’re especially handy to use for homemade crafts and projects for kids, since they can be easily replaced if damaged. Some people even use them for their pets to make plastic hides for reptiles or disposable little […]

15 Most Creative Ideas for Using Test Tubes

diy ideas for test tubes

At first, it might be difficult to think of using test tubes for anything but chemistry experiments. Their size and shape are perfect, though, for holding spices, party favors, or even tiny plants. They have a ‘mad scientist’ vibe, too, which can make you feel intelligent regardless of what you’re actually doing with them. The […]

12 Ways to Upcycle Vintage Cookie and Tea Tins

In most thrift stores, there’s a section for old-fashioned metal tins designed to hold cookies or tea. They’re often unique, cheap and tempting to buy, but what can you do with them afterwards? Besides storing cookies, etc., the best way to reuse an old tin is to create something entirely new with it, like one […]