7 Great Ways to Decorate Moleskine Journal Covers

7 Great Ways to Decorate Moleskine Journal Covers

Journals are supposedly meant for writing projects, but honestly, I think half of the worth of having a journal is being able to stare at its beautiful cover. For years, I’d heard people mention Moleskine notebooks as kinda the best of the best as far as notebooks go. They’re a preferred notebook for many. However, […]

How the Rules of Writing Apply to Content Marketing

The emergence of content marketing as a key strategy to gaining online presence and traction has brought marketing back to the basics. The way to attract new customers to your website is to write great content and address it to your target audience. There’s no secret regarding the process of writing content. The same rules of writing that […]

How to Be Creative After the Creative Juices Have Stopped

How To Be Creative After The Creative Juices Have Stopped

“Be creative . . .” How many times a day have you heard that phrase? It is usually used like a reward, “You’ve done all the tedious part of your job, now you get to have fun and be creative.” But what about when being creative is your job? I’ve heard the words “Be creative” […]

Why Your Thought Leadership is More Important Than Your Writing Ability

Why Your Thought Leadership Is More Important Than Your Writing Ability

We’ve heard just about every excuse there is explaining why business owners don’t practice content marketing. The worst of them all is when they say they won’t create content because they can’t write well. Thought leadership plays a bigger role in content marketing than your writing skills. When consumers see your posts on social media, they’re more interested in your content […]