The Best Dog Parks in America

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Dog parks have come a long way since the first one opened in Berkeley in 1979. Today’s parks have special restaurants for food, water fountains and special swimming areas. They also have areas where the dogs can run off-leash. There are so many cool parks just for your dog and he will be feeling good once they get into one of these parks. They have their own drinking water and toy areas to enjoy.

1-Point Isabel Dog Park is one of the most talked about parks anywhere. The park is located in Richmond, California an area located in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area. It is definitely one of the best parks in the USA.

The park is known for the largest off-leash area for any dog park. It has a really cool washing area called Mudpuppy’s Tub and Scrub. The area has a full service washing area and a retail shop just for dogs.

Sit and Stay Cafe offers an area where dogs can eat and owners can enjoy espresso and even chili.

2-Millie Bush Bark Park in Houston Texas is listed for it’s great space to let your dog roam and run free and it is gated so no worries of Fido running off.

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Lots of swimming areas including water fountains and ponds. There is even some doggie showers to get them clean before you come home. This park is great for convenience because it’s open all day seven days a week. The special thing this park has is actual fire hydrants for the dogs, lol.

3-Warren Magnuson Dog Park in Seattle, Washington. There is an off-leash area in the center of the park. It is a beautiful setting located on the shores of Lake Washington with beach access so the dogs can stay cool. The special thing about this dog park is there is a special area for small dogs or shy dogs to play in.

4-Pilgrim Bark Park, Provincetown, Massachusetts offers a great park that has lots of artsy dog statues. This park is picked not only for the town’s dedication to it but you can take your pooch to the dog friendly restaurants that are nearby. It also has a special area for smaller dogs so they won’t be intimidated.

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5-Dog wood Park in Jacksonville Florida has over forty acres for people and their pets! They even have a Puppy Kindergarten for obedience training. It has ten acres of nature trails available. There are three acres of lighted area that is open till ten so your dog can play at night when it’s cool. Lake Bow Wow is a big swimming lake. The park offers a lot of extras and they do charge eleven dollars to get in. There is a bathing area and a large portion of the park is fenced in.

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