Top 10 Alleys that You’d Love to Stroll On

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When traveling to a new country or city, walking on foot to explore is incomparable. You can capture the scents, sights, sounds, and the feel of the environment when you do so.

A lot of cities offer a breathtaking view of their alleys, one that is peaceful and safe. Oftentimes, alleys offer new discoveries. They can reveal a lot about the place’s architecture, history, culture, food, etc. Thus, we have compiled the best alleys from different cities all over the world.

  1. Vernon Street, Boston 

Boston is considered the most pedestrian-friendly city in America. This can be proved by the beautiful alleyway of Mt. Vernon on Beacon Hill. Walking through its stretches is like walking back in history. This alley shows streetlight that belongs to an era and cheek brick homes. Take time to visit the Louisburg Square where you can spot lots of Greek revival houses.

  1. Wonder View Drive, Hollywood Reservoir, LA

Los Angeles is known to be one of the world’s busiest cities but there are still breathtaking alleys in the area that are less crowded. You can spot one of the least trekked alleyways at the bottom of the name-worthy, Wonder View Drive. Feel free to enjoy the view of the man-made lake surrounded by oak and pine trees, etc. with some wildlife animals and the view of the famous Hollywood sign.

  1. Thompson Road, Maui

This is considered as the best location to do a jog and stroll when in Maui. The area is surrounded with the view of lava rock wall and pasture. This single lane alley also views the stretch of Wailea shoreline and Haleakala’s summit.

  1. Lyon Street Steps, San Francisco

Lyon Street Steps serves as a grand staircase to one of San Francisco’s hills which hold a spectacular view. The alley is surrounded with hedges and flower gardens that are micro-sized.

  1. Quadraro, Rome

This is probably one of the best places where you can wander around. The alleyway of Quadraro is dedicated to street art. Lots of popular artists contributed to its museum-like ambiance.

  1. North State Parkway, Chicago

For architectural fans out there, this walkway is sure a delight. You can witness streamline modern apartment blocks and Anne mansion. It is also near the residence of Chicago’s archbishop and the Hefner’s former Playboy mansion.

North State Parkway, Chicago street view

  1. Nonbei Yokocho, Tokyo

This can be found in the Shibuya area where you will be welcomed with faded yet cheery lanterns on the entrance of the passageway with a handful of watering holes. Lots of bars are in this area which is perfect for drinks enthusiast.

  1. Eixample Street Corners, Barcelona

The Eixample district was designed in the mid-19th century. It showcases a grid pattern that is interlaced with their wide boulevards and octagonal blocks of the city. For architecture fanatics, go to the central strip of Passeig de Gracia to witness breathtaking facades of the city. You can also spot some chic and modish apartment blocks right on the sides of Calle Muntaner and Calle Consell de Cent.

fountain on Eixample Street Corner

  1. Shijia Hutong, Beijing

This street once houses some of the notable personalities—artists, scholars, diplomats, writers, playwrights, etc. This historical phenomenon is now documented in a museum in Shijia Hutong.

Within a few walk, you can see a boutique that holds a scenic courtyard where visitors are free to stop by and drink.

  1. Seymour Place in Marylebone, London

Popular restaurants are lining up the area. And they offer a variety of food– Italian cuisine, Spanish cuisine, and American dishes among others. You can also spot some cafes and pizza stalls. This area is perfect for food aficionados.

Seymour Place in Marylebone, London

Every road has its story. To walk around it is a gift, so take time to appreciate these alleys and stroll around it.

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