Top 10 Best Moments of the Walking Dead Season 6

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10. Wolves

The Wolves are a group of survivors who believe that the end of the world is a sign that humans need to return to their natural “wolf” entities. They see the murder of humans as releasing them from the world and body they are stuck in. They are extremely brutal and attacked Alexandria right after Rick’s group turn up and if not for them, it’s fair to say Alexandria would not be standing right now. The citizens of Alexandria had no previous fighting skills and probably didn’t even think people like the Wolves existed, this was a major point in finding out whether or not Alexandria could survive.

9. Horde Battle

Soon after the Wolves are defeated, the church tower falls and a horde of walkers enter Alexandria. A few survivors attempt to walk out of Alexandria with the idea that they can then lead the walkers away but this takes a turn for the worse. Thanks to a scared kid (and thanks to Carol), the mission backfires and a bunch of them end up being eaten. After a short spell of panicking, Alexandria’s residents rally together and take down the massive horde.

8. The Kingdom

The introduction of the Kingdom is a very welcome one. Not much is known (outside of the comics) but they appear to be good guys, helping Morgan and Carol in the finale. We’ve only seen two guys so far but you can bet that we’ll be seeing more in the future.

7. Deanna’s Death

Despite living in somewhat of a fairytale, Deanna had so much to offer the new world and would be incredibly valuable if Alexandria manages to rebuild. Her planning, leadership, intelligence and decision making are her main assets but it’s unfortunate that she didn’t make it.

6. Hilltop

It’s great to finally start seeing more good guys in the Walking Dead universe. The Hilltop are a community much like Alexandria’s was whereby they don’t have many supplies, weapons or know how to use either of them. Hilltop is likely to be a key town in the coming seasons and I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t expand greatly.

5. Saviours

The introduction of the first Saviours was a huge scene that actually made us feel like some of the main characters in trouble. They also introduced Negan and gave us a lot of info about the Saviours, Negan and how they do their business. It was almost perfectly done and made future encounters with the Saviours even more intimidating.

4. Jesus

Jesus has been well received so far and is even being tipped to steal Daryl’s fans! Jokes aside, he’s looking like he’s going to be a pretty awesome main character over the next seasons (or more?), he’s really stealthy and able to escape being tied up so he has many desirable traits. We’ve yet to see his best combat abilities but it’s suspected that he knows many forms of martial arts. It’s going to be great to see more of him.

3. Carl Gets Shot

Ron shooting Carl was a huge moment, those who have not read the comics (or seen comic spoilers) will have been so surprised and it could have had the biggest impact out of any scene in the entire season depending on who you’re speaking to. It caused Rick to take on a horde of walkers which eventually led to them being defeated but he’s now an eye down and we’ll see how that goes for him in the future.

2. Morgan Killed A Guy

Morgan was one of the few, if not the last person who truly cared about all life and believed everyone could change. Some people say Morgan broke his own code but if the Saviour was not about to kill Carol, he would have kidnapped him and tried to turn him back like he did with the Alpha Wolf. Morgan still has his code but he’s evolving it and developing it into something more suitable for the world he lives in while also maintaining the standards set by his high morals.

1. Negan

The entire second half of the season has been building up to his entrance and what a delivery it was. Negan is one of the biggest baddies ever seen on a screen yet there’s something so likable about him. He commands the Saviours who are a large group of thugs and bandits, one of the few morally correct rules he has is that raping is not allowed. It’s going to be amazing to see how things unfold and whether or not the show is ever the same after his time.

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