Top 10 Facts About Casey Neistat

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Casey Neistat


Casey Neistat came from humble beginning but started his career off from a simple desire of wanting to make movies. In 2001 he and his brother started working with the artist Tom Sachs and made a series of films. From there Neistat’s love for film and video making continued to grow.


In high school Casey was in a relationship with his girlfriend Robin Harris. Together they had a son named Owen who is featured in many of his YouTube videos. Then after dropping out of high school and moving to New York Casey met Candice Pool who he eventually married in 2013.


Casey has two amazing children. Owen, who was his first, was born when Casey was 17 years old. They have a great relationship and is featured in many of his videos. Candice and Casey had a beautiful little girl named Francine who also is featured in many of the videos.

Charity Work

Becoming very popular in the YouTube space, Casey has taken the initiative to use his popularity to help out those in need. If you’re a popular fan of his you know that Casey highlights and sponsors a lot of great charities and does a lot to help anyone who is in need.


With a continually growing fan base Casey uses his video to uplift and inspire others. Many of his fans say that when they watch his videos they feel happy and want to live a better life. Casey understands what’s truly important in the world and focuses his attention on those things.


2010 was when he uploaded his first YouTube video talking about when not to use the emergency cord in the subways of New York City. Neistat continued to make short videos and upload them to YouTube. Overtime his videos caught fire and the rest is history.


Casey makes a lot of videos that highlight the things that he loves, and the two things he constantly reviews and highlights are his beloved boosted boards and DJI drones. The reason he loved his boosted board so much is because it helps him get around New York traffic with a breeze. He wouldn’t be able to live without it. And his drones help him capture some epic shots that are shown through his videos.

Social Media

Casey is also on other social media platforms like Instagram. With not as many followers as his YouTube channel, Casey still focuses his efforts and posts on things that are uplifting. Things like family, health, and happiness.

Why He’s Different

The difference between Casey Neistat and all the other YouTubers out there is that Casey puts in a great amount of effort to make his videos look like real movies. He put in a lot of effort getting every shot in the right angles. He doesn’t skip a beat and he enjoys producing great quality videos. And that’s what partly makes his videos so enjoyable to watch.

Why Does He Wear Glasses All The Time?

Some of you may have noticed that Casey always wears the same pair of black beaten up sunglasses in all his videos. The reason he’s always wearing his sunglasses is because he’s actually not looking directly into the camera. He looks at the playback screen to make sure the shot looks good. So he wears sunglasses to hide his eyes. If he didn’t wear his sunglasses then his eyes would always be looking off in a weird direction. And that’s why he does it.

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