Top 10 Facts About Matthew Santoro

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Matthew Santoro is a well known Canadian YouTuber who runs three channels, his infotainment, vlog and gaming channels. He’s rapidly become one of the biggest stars on the video sharing platform and continues to grow exponentially. His success can be down to the quality of his videos as well as his personality, many people have described him as an extremely likable person. Here’s 10 facts about Matthew Santoro!

10. Employment

Matthew Santoro attended and graduated from Brock University, he left with a Master of Accountancy and quickly got a job as an accountant. Matt has expressed his unhappiness with the job he had and he considers himself very lucky that YouTube is now his full time job. His videos first started exploding after he started releasing his top 10s and 50 amazing facts series.

9. Relationship

Matt was in a relationship with the (now hated) Nicole Arbour throughout the most of 2015. During this time, he released numerous vlogs of him and Nicole being very happy together but they eventually split up. Rumours were spreading among the fans as to why as it didn’t seem like an ordinary break-up but after Matt posted a video on his vlog channel, it all became clear. Fans had already expressed their discontent with Nicole’s personality even when they were together but it all exploded after Matt revealed that Nicole was actually extremely controlling and abusive.

Luckily Matt had the help of his friends, family and fans to get him through such a difficult time.

8. Charity Work

Matthew Santoro is heavily dedicated to working with charities, even going out of his way to help charities out during busy schedules. He attends multiple charity events throughout Toronto and often travels to locations around the world to help good causes. He also does his bit in smaller ways, like donating lots of old clothes to homeless shelters instead of throwing them away or selling them. He’s told vlog viewers how important it is to help those in need and many of his followers have acted on this.

7. Inspirations

There are countless stories of people who have changed their lives due to Matt’s words, people have overcome depression, anxiety, obesity and a myriad of other things with the help of Matthew Santoro. He himself has admitted that such stories are a major motivational boost for him, it’s something he cares about and prides himself with.

6. Network

Most major content creators are part of an MCN (multi channel network), they help users manage their YouTube channel, increase revenue/views/subscribers and grow as a channel. Some would say that a network is quite detrimental to your income as they can take up to 30% of your revenue, but the increase in followers may outweigh that. Matthew Santoro’s network is the CDS (Collective Digital Studio) or Studio 71. It’s currently the 5th most subscribed network which puts it in the top 10 YouTube networks overall!

5. Music Taste

Matthew Santoro is a huge hip-hop fan and his favourite artist is Drake, who he really wants to meet. He’s expressed his love for hip-hop and rap numerous times and attends live shows frequently.

4. Periscope

Periscope is an app that allows users to live stream what they’re doing to people all over the world. It was heavily endorsed by Matthew Santoro and Nicole Arbour as they attempted to become the most popular users on the social network. Matt was victorious as he quit Periscope after becoming the most loved Periscoper in the entire user-base!

3. Plagiarism

It was all but proven that Matthew Santoro was basically copying lists off of the most popular top 10s site ListVerse, with one of his top 10s being almost identical to a Listverse top 10 that was published less than a week before Matt’s video was released. The internet went berserk after hearing this as he did not cite his sources in the video description, he has since gone through his old videos with sources but hasn’t issued an apology.

There’s still debate between whether he should be sued or whether it’s ok to use other lists as information for his own.

2. Social Media

As well as becoming the King of Periscope, Matthew Santoro is an expert when it comes to gaining social media followers. He currently has over 600,000 likes on his Facebook page and nearly 100,000 followers on his personal Facebook. He also has over 600,000 Twitter followers, just 3000 less than his Facebook likes. Additionally, he also has over 300,000 Instagram followers. All of this means his target audience is absolutely huge, every time he advertises a product or a charity, it reaches over a million people!

1. YouTube

YouTube has provided millions of people with endless hours of entertainment, it’s arguably one of the best websites on the internet. Thousands of content creators make a living off of making videos and Matthew Santoro is no exception. He has over 5,500,000 subscribers with 740,000,000 views on his main channel, currently ranked 191st out of all YouTube channels. He’s quickly approaching 900,000 subscribers on his vlog channel (which is a huge feat) and 300,000 on his quite recently created gaming channel.

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