Top 10 Most Played League of Legends Champions in Bronze Division

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10. Xin Zhao

Xin’s buffs have seen his play rate skyrocket as he’s now a very strong pick. There was once a time when he ruled the entire game but he was in a nice place after being nerfed to the ground. Rito saw fit to give him some buffs and he’s now in a state of being really strong while having a lot of exploitable weaknesses (i.e balanced). He’s a great Jungle pick who can stomp unsuspecting players and snowball hard.

9. Master Yi

Master Yi is a well known and well hated fighter who can destroy entire teams. Like his appearance, he’s easy to play while being really reliable and great for team fights, split pushing, wave clearing, and pretty much everything else there is in League of Legends. His playrate will be so high because at Bronze division, you can carry really easily and climb really fast.

8. Yasuo

Most players (particularly those Silver and above) see Bronze players as not very mechanically skilled but Yasuo proves this wrong. He’s extremely squishy and although his kit is overloaded, it has a lot of counter play. He wins just over 50% of his games which, for a high skill-cap champ, is very good and does prove that Bronze isn’t just a league of noobs.

7. Miss Fortune

She has crazy high damage and great mobility so it’s no surprise she’s made an appearance on this list. The Bounty Hunter can nuke down entire teams if she has someone who can CC the enemies and is not too difficult to use. She has the potential to carry no matter how good or bad the player controlling her is, this is what makes her such a popular pick!

6. Lucian

Arguably one of the coolest champions in the game, Lucian’s popularity stems from his smooth, high damage/mobility play style. Players can wave clear quickly, win trades and push lanes. He’s a great ADC who goes well with a variety of team compositions. His popularity is also extended by the fact that he only gets better and more awesome to play as you get more experience.

5. Jinx

Jinx has dominated bot lane for a long time now, she’s still a popular and viable pick even after the marksman update (where she was untouched but others received huge buffs). Her ultimate is really fun to use and so rewarding when you steal a Dragon or get a kill from across the map. Her entire playstyle, personality and kit revolve around having fun while being destructive.

4. Vayne

Vayne has to be one of the most frustrating champions to play against in the entire game. Her play rate will be so high for a number of reasons, first one I will say is because a lot of big streamers love playing her, she’s very entertaining to watch when someone is doing well with her. She also completely dominates top lane, nothing is less fun than getting demolished in the laning phase by this champion (maybe Teemo?). The outplay potential she has is insane, it’s not uncommon for a half-fed Vayne to 1v3 or even 1v4 sometimes.

3. Blitzcrank

Having a champion that can deal a ton of damage, pull enemies into him and also have a lot of tankiness is a good recipe. Combine that recipe with a Bronze division full of players who have no idea how to play around it and you have a very popular champion. Blitzcrank completely zones enemies out of lane and can deliver kills on a plate. He’s cheap in terms of IP which means everyone has him so when the support role comes calling, Blitz is the go-to guy.

2. Morgana

Nothing says freelo like a 2-3 second snare. Morgana is an extremely effective champion who is a perfect counter-pick for AP focused compositions, while still being highly effective against melee and/or AD champions. Her cheap IP price combined with such prowess and ability to fill the Support role makes her a very popular champion.

1. Lux

The most popular champion in Bronze division goes to the Lady of Luminosity herself, Lux!

Being able to be played either Mid or Support, she is really powerful for even less than average players as her long range abilities allow her to deal damage while staying safe. She can quite easily get  a big snowball rolling if she can get through the laning phase without any hiccups and if she does reach this stage, you’re better off surrendering.

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