Top 10 Reasons a Solar Water Heater Makes Sense

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Solar Water Heater

1. Water heating is the simplest application of solar energy

Although water takes a lot of energy to heat up, the sun’s energy is free! Better yet, with the correct insulation and system design, you can store this heat quite effectively to be able to use it when it’s needed.

2. Improves your green rating

Using the sustainable energy source that is our sun means you’re not needing to use any electricity from power stations or burning any gas. Zero pollution is produced within the system itself, although don’t forget that the fluids and materials comprising the system might be pollutants.

3. Fits with normal energy use schedules

Since you’re likely to be out during the day, when your solar collection system is at its peak for gathering energy, you’re making the most out of this sustainable resource. Unlike electricity generation, you don’t need to worry about peaks/troughs in draw time as much.

4. It’s a good way to start a bigger solar conversion

If you intend to go big on solar energy production at home, a water heater is an excellent way to start building your system. With basic systems being only a few hundred dollars it’s relatively affordable and you’ll be seeing immediate effects.

5. Your wallet will be happier in the long run

The initial costs of a full solar PV system can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Compared to electrical generation via solar power, water heating is usually better in terms of the savings you make on your energy bill.

6. Simple systems mean more reliability

Basic water heating is not exactly rocket science. The sun’s energy is collected and transferred to water in an insulated system. With few moving parts and small electronic controllers, you’ll have a dependable, low-maintenance water heating system to use for all your needs.

7. It’s not particularly difficult to design your own system

If you’re new to solar system installations, a swimming pool heater is a good way to start. The materials are safe and inexpensive, you’re not dealing with very high temperatures, the system is mostly passive, and you won’t flood your house in event of a mistake.

8. If you’re a competent plumber it’s not hard to install a water heater

For domestic projects it’s fairly straightforward. You need your heating system, then you just need to ensure that the pipes and controllers are routing the water the right way to the collectors and back to the tank.

9. Light maintenance

In general, a simple solar water heating system needs very little maintenance, especially compared to an electricity-generating one. With fewer moving parts and easy to grasp mechanics, you won’t need to call an engineer out whenever you have a problem.

10. There is a huge range of designs available

You’re spoilt for choice in the world of solar water heating. From the simplest solar blankets sitting on top of your swimming pool, to the more complex vacuum tube collectors for your house, you have solutions appropriate for every budget and climate need.

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