Top 10 Reasons to Try a Vegetarian Diet

reasons to try a vegetarian diet

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Overall, vegetarian diets tend to have less total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol that diets that contain meat in them. This occurs because saturated fat is contained in meats and other animal products.

  1. Vegetarian diets are rich in nutrients are fiber

While it is possible to be a vegetarian while eating junk food, most vegetarians eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which means getting a lot of dietary fiber in your diet. Foods rich in fiber help avoid constipation, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. Examples of such foods are bean burritos, lentil soups, and steamed vegetables.

  1. Vegetarian diets are slimming

Vegetarian diets typically consist of a lot of low-calorie bulky foods. This is why vegetarians often feel full even when they consume relatively few calories. For this reason, vegetarians are often slimmer that people who do not lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

  1. Vegetarians are generally healthier

Scientific research shows that vegetarian diets come with a lot of health benefits. Not only are vegetarians slimmer than non-vegetarians, but they also have lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, and lower cancer and type-2 diabetes rates as a group.

  1. Vegetarian diets are good for the environment

Animal agriculture often leads to desertification of the land because it can cause erosion of the soil and dry the land out. To raise animals, farmers also use a lot of fresh water and fossil fuels. None of these issues exist with growing vegetarian foods.

  1. Vegetarian diets are not as expensive as meat diets

A vegetarian diet can be expensive if you shop at gourmet stores. However, if you do most of your cooking at home, buying lots of fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, beans, and legumes is one of the most economical ways to eat. It costs much less to create a meal using vegetarian ingredients than to have a dish with meat as the focal point.

  1. Vegetarian diets are very efficient

Vegetarian foods can feed more people than non-vegetarian foods because it takes much less energy and resources to produce vegetarian foods compared to meat or dairy. Eating unprocessed foods is a very sustainable and efficient way to nourish large populations of people.

  1. Vegetarian diets are compassionate to animals

This reason does not need a lot of explanation. Being kind to animals is a part of why many famous philosophers, artists, scientists, and celebrities choose to become vegetarians or vegans.

  1. Vegetarian foods can be very diverse

The variety of vegetarian foods is unbelievable. People around the world serve meals such as curries, pastas, pies, soups and various mixtures that contain no meat ingredients. There are endless combinations of vegetarian meals that you can create, which makes a vegetarian lifestyle interesting and exciting.

  1. Vegetarian diets are a good example to follow for children

Children often tend to copy what their parents are doing. Your children will no doubt notice what you eat, have a lot of questions about what you are doing and very possibly follow your example.

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