Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Toxins

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  1. What are toxins?

A toxin is any element that your body can’t use in a beneficial way or needs energy to remove. Even some of the substances that your body needs for survival can become toxic in excessive amounts.

  1. Toxins are very stubborn

Toxins stay in your body and while the process of accumulation may be happening slowly, toxins can add up with time and something in your body will break. The addition of toxins can be compared to putting a bucket under a slowly leaking pipe. The leak may seem like it’s very slow, but the bucket will run oven relatively quickly.

  1. Toxins can be natural

When thinking about toxins, most people think about man-made chemicals. The reality is that there are plenty of toxins in nature, too. If you have ever been bitten by a spider or a bee, you’ve experienced natural toxins.

  1. There are living toxins

Toxins aren’t just chemicals. Many living organisms can have a toxic impact on your health and body, including certain kinds of bacteria that populate your intestines. Yeasts and viruses are also examples of toxins.

  1. There are thousands of chemicals released into the environment in the United States

Over 80,000 substances in the United States are being released into the air on a regular basis. Out of the 80,000, only 3,000 have been tested for toxicity levels. The United States Environmental Protection Agency allows for the release of any substances unless there is a strong scientific proof that a substance is linked to cancer or is otherwise really harmful.

  1. You ingest toxins orally

For most people, the food that they eat is the largest source of toxins. Various processed foods may contain thousands of chemicals that are not natural. Some of these chemicals make the foods taste better. Others can preserve it for months and sometimes even years.

  1. You inhale toxins

The rule of thumb is very simple: anything you can smell is getting into your body. If you smell a nasty chemical odor, there are particles that are entering your body.

  1. You can take toxins into your body through your skin

The job of your skin is to protect your body. Your skin typically accomplishes this goal very well, but it is not perfect. Your skin can absorb chemicals, including toxins.

  1. Your body can get rid of toxins through toxin elimination

Your kidneys are the primary organ that your body uses to eliminate the toxins. The kidneys do an especially great job getting rid of toxins that are soluble in water.

  1. Your body can get rid of toxins through chemical detoxification

During chemical detoxification, your body breaks toxins into parts that are not harmful separately. Your nose and your mouth are two locations where this process begins. Your liver also plays a crucial role is breaking down a number of toxins, including ammonia and alcohol.