What are the Best Parks in New York City?

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Statue of Liberty

The head of the statue of liberty

In a land filled with freedom, justice and equality, The Statue of Liberty embodies the American Dream. A gift from France, she depicts Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, as she towers 305 ft (including the base) over NY’s Liberty Island. Weighing in at nearly half a million pounds, Lady Liberty is definitely something to behold.

Battery Park

A view of the northern end of Battery Park

Battery Park, located on the southern tip of Manhattan, offers beautiful views and meaningful memorials throughout. The Statue of Liberty welcomes visitors to Battery Park as she stands tall and proud in Liberty Island, southwest of the park. Naturally, regular trips to the Statue of Liberty and nearby Ellis Island are offered from Battery Park’s waterfront.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is a MUST SEE landmark in Manhattan’s legendary Greenwich Village. Surrounded by New York University, the park is a hotspot for students, artists, musicians, and street performers alike. Walking through, you may recognize Washington Arch; built in 1892, the arch celebrates the centennial of George Washington’s inauguration as president.

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